In the year of 90 A.F times were so turbulent that this year recived a name.
Year of the crying sword.

The year began with unknown bandits attacking and setting fire to the city of Bazron.
However it was later discovered in this year those attackers were burried in a mass grave not far from the city, thus no one thinks that golden emperor has lost his power.

This was also the year when Imperious birthed a sixith house taking as far as Oldia in their conquest.

This was also the year that the small town of (place holder for tim) was born.
This however was no celebration it was born from the ashes of the what we in the north call the slave rebellions however those further south loyal to barzon simply call it 'the great betrayal'

This was also the year of Barzons crusade against their various attackers.
Entire tribes of val'shar elves were wiped out.
Angolian clans colapased.
And they clashed swords with armies of Imperious.

Unlike the previous years it was hard to get accurate reports.
People felt they were being spied on or that I maybe a spy myself.

Perhaps other sources maybe of help.

What is known however how far the Imperion's went they claimed as far as Jaminon

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