The people of Argoth no matter where they lay are surrounded by powers far greater than there own. Dispite want to live peaceful live the people of Argoth are often forced into confrontation. Push poltical forces all around them has made Argoth an interesting people with a culture all unquie and there own. Though they take in many flavours from that of the Imperious to the Pirate sea to deserts of Tebnet.

True Agroth Feats

Argoth Luck

Argoth Guile
  Argoth Vision



Fleet of Foot

Pure of Heart


Swift and Silent


Argoth Luck "To have the luck of an Argoth" Well known saying; Means to be very unlucky.

The people of Argoth are surounded by super power. Imperious threats to take all of the peaceful land in Argoth and both Artizil's grand port and Tartilia's threaten to push Imperious back not to mencion all of the priates the land along the coast.

Role Playing: this means that when something bad could happen it does. If you know two people who are sworn enemies, in a city of thousands, you are most likely going to meet both in a quite alley with each walking the other way.

When ever you spend an action point on stealth, you go unnoticed so long as there are other people there until you take an action that threatens that person.

Argoth Guile

Prequiest: Argoth Luck The people of Argoth if famious for anything are famious for one thing, not taking sides.

Role playing: people always regard you as one threat catagory lower so long as there are other people there.

When using deplomacy you may spend an action point to your role if you do your target will always go improve bar going to ally. You gain a plus three to deplomacy. In combat if your being attacked you may attempt to rout your attacker to a different hostile target by making a depmacy check vs there challange rating or there sense motive which ever is higher, if you do this they will instead attack the nearest hostile target regarding you as a non threat.

Argoth Vision Prequiest: Argoth Guile and Two Other True Argoth regional feats

"I stood there perfectly still as it happened all round me, they slaughtered my cattle, my village and my family as dumb struck as I was I thought my time had come and they would kill me next, yet once they were finshed they passed by even brushing into me regarding me as nothing, as if i wasn't even there."
Argoth Suriver of Barzonion counter attack against imperious scouting.

The people of Argoth are used to terror.

You now recive the ability hide in plain site.


Argoth people have a long tradision of being skilled artists +2 bonus on all Perform checks

+2 bonus on checks with one Craft skill involving art (such as painting.

If you have the Bardic Music class ability, you receive 3 extra uses of

it per day.

Blooded Argoth people have seen things that many others would not wish upon there hated enemies

+2 bonus on Initiative checks

+2 bonus on Spot checks.

Cannot be Shaken, though you can still be Frightened or Panicked.

Fleet of Foot

Some times running is the best way of suriving for the powerless.

When wearing up to Light armor and up to Medium encumbrance,

your land movement rate is +10’.

Pure Heart

Dispite the years of abuse of there surrounding nations, the people of Argoth remain a pure and true people

+4 bonus on saves vs. attacks, spells, & special abilities of Evil


The people of Argoth have an inate will to live and will struggle on long after others have given up

+2 bonus on Fortitude saves.

+2 bonus on Survival checks.

Swift and Silent

Silence is the best tool, to stay alive against a superior foe

You can move up to your normal speed while suing Hide or Move

silently skill at no penalty (instead of a –5 penalty).


Wile other retire, Argoths tend to there fields, wile other drink, Argoths watch for armies fire lights in the distance.

You cannot become Exhausted (instead you become Fatigued).

If something normally would make you Fatigued, there is no effect.

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