Brief Timeline - this will help order my thoughts until I can flesh his background out a bit.

Born in Terenol

Edler's take Dewthe aside for some reason (propehcy about him leading them to darkness, or because he is more adept at something that other dwarves (reading emotions or something that the disciple of darkness can do)). Aron will either overhear what is said, if it is that he is leading them to darkness, or will be jealous because of the praise and will set on a vendetta against Dewthe (if jealousy it will become twisted over time, Envy's influence from being nearby? Or maybe he's just insane. Also, if jealousy, it could be the praise Dewthe receives that becomes one of the first triggers for Pride). - This will also depend on if it fits in with what Henry is envisioning for Aron (with the whole flying on a dragon thing). Idea: Aron has the ability of Compulsion, he can compel people to do things for him (like Diplomacy, but magical in nature) as long as they aren't too extreme and he can "sufficiently" (he can appeal to people's beliefs, like Dewthe can use a person's Sin against them) reason the request. Dewthe seems to be immune to it (he's Pride, people don't tell him what to do; and Aron can't seem to reason or appeal to Dewthe) and, like a child, Aron chucks a hissy fit.

Dewthe meets Ansella. A friendship begins, but Dewthe quickly finds himself falling in love with her. However, she considers Dewthe her best friend and confidante, which slows the timing of his confession to her. This proves to be a fatal mistake as she falls for Aron, and makes no secrets about her feelings for him to Dewthe.

Some time passes and Dewthe and Ansella have a falling out. Either Ansella is sick of Dewthe's negative comments on Aron (perhaps Aron is a bad person and bullies/pushes people around but Ansella doesn't see/believe it), or Dewthe finally confesses and Ansella runs off as she's confused.

This next part may happen straight after the previous part, or there may be a gap... Aron, who has known about Dewthe's feelings for quite some time and has been slowly pulling Ansella away from Dewthe, stumbles across Ansella crying. He consoles her, Ansella ends up confessing her feelings to him, and then Aron begins to formulate a plan to get at Dewthe. Using his power, or maybe Aron was touched by a god (he was riding on a dragon after all), or maybe Aron gets a mystic in on it... anyway, Aron tells Ansella that she must become a couple with Dewthe (the gods spoke to him/the mystic and said that if Ansella and Aron were to ever be happy, then she had to face and defeat her personal demons). Ansella, being the emotional wreck she is, agrees (once she agrees, maybe a Geas is invoked? Or, if Aron has the powers, she has to follow it).

Dewthe, utterly confused by the ways of women, is nevertheless extremely excited about dating Ansella. He makes no secret of it, he is Pride after all and has just gotten a rather large boon.

Aron gets Ansella to make Dewthe completely and utterly fall in love with her, which actually takes no time at all as he already was on the verge of it. Ansella is surprised, however, by her own feelings towards Dewthe. The feelings grow into ones mutual with Dewthe's feelings towards her.

Then Aron strikes. He makes Ansella, via magic and at a public gathering, confess to everyone what she said to him back when she confessed (asking her to confess her feelings now would be pointless as she is in love with Dewthe). She confesses agreeing to the part about making Dewthe fall in love with her and that it was the gods or whatever she believes it was. Dewthe, completely humiliated, runs off to some place which ends up being where his conception as Pride begins. He, therefore, doesn't see that Aron completely denies everything and calls Ansella mad. Her reasoning is completely flawed, and there is no way a sane person would do these things, which, really, is true. Ansella is also completely and utterly humiliated, released from her Geas/the magic, she cannot see why she did such a horrible thing to someone she loves. She runs.

Dewthe returns in the dead of night, cloaked in a skin of darkness that resembles a demon. He heads for Ansella's place, set on vengeance and finds she has left. He follows the scent/trail of her Sin (or the Sites of Passion sense that Dark Disciples have) and sets out after her, leaving Terenol. He is unaware of the exchange between Aron and Ansella.

He loses the trail after a while, she either will have been drugged so that she does not feel or taken by someone with magic, but continues doggedly on to Grand Port. He realises he cannot go back to Terenol, and that he must find and kill Ansella for what she did to him. He decides to join a group of adventurers as they hear and see much.


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