Large village Population: 2,000 Government: by Proxy

Bardot falls under the jurisdiction of Barzon. Bardot is a farming community built near the ruins of a pervious Bardot. Despite the apparent protection of Barzon the people of this small town are still haunted from it’s past.

Bardot is a gate town.
Or perhaps some others would call it a lock, keep undesirable both in and out of Barzon respective of there location of orgin.
Keeping the vagurantcy out of Barzon and keeping it's trouble makers in, there by keeping Barzons reputation 'pure' to outsiders.
Also with the jungle all around this is only true way to march on Barzon if there was to be a fight it would be here.

Long ago however it was a farming town, it is thought that it simply fell into this role, to more soilders being sent there and more check points and it simply became what it is with out any real direction this could explain the extremely wide roads despite it being a gate town.
(Wide roads for easier turning circle for wagons.

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