Metropolis Population: 160,000 Government: Monarch

Barzon home of the Golden Emperor and Bastion of hope, Barzon is the largest city in the realm and has not ever suffered a dragon attack perhaps the reason that it is the largest. Barzon long ago grew beyond the ability to sustain itself within its own fields and stock. It is also home to some of the most powerful organization in the realm not to mention the Tower of the Eye the most powerful wizard cabal in the realm, the Eternal Phoenix an order of monks, the Templar of Barzon and the Cult of Regith. Despite all of these powerful organizations and people everyone claims that their stability is due to the Golden Emperor, up in a massive pyramid of glass that can be seen for miles from the city.

Barzon is a place of where many cultures have mish mashed together yet they seperate.
The Humanists as they are known in the southern regions (See Darkness) believes by keeping each sect seperate that elven problems remain elven and so it will be with every other race.
However that is far from the truth.

Due to this distinct seperation you can see which parts of the city belong to whom.

Old town is where much of the wealth and alufance of the city located.
Made up of a combination of old money and upcoming mechants whom seem to wish to buy thier way into nobility.
The finest of everything can be found here from clothing to cobble stone.
Inside can be found the tower of X the mighty wizard of the tower of the eye.
Also Humanists can be found in every corner of this area.
Unless a non human has the scufficent ammount of finery on they are often tossed out in another area uncermiously because they were 'looking to cause trouble'.
On that note old town has a number of guards employed here which double as private armies for certain individuals.
Though outer guards and most that follow people around look quite fobbish those of the interia of the estates are quite different, hired for their proven ability.

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