Town Population: 11,000 Government: Military

Carina is currently imperion city.
This has only happen within the generation
They city was taken with little complaint.

The city is still known to have an unrecognized council which some still goto to resolve dispites.
What the city is know for now is it the colllage of argiculture.
General Sol'heme Zenko is much loved here, he brought proper roads and a libary second to none so long as your prepared to learn about how to farm.
Sol'heme brings every single new agricultural recruit here.
Much like Sol'heme's new town of Vilgance.
However unlike it's tanited reputation Carima enjoys a very civilized reputation.

Carima provides much of the sixth houses food and it also enjoys the title of Home of the Imperion instute for Magical reseach herbalism.
Or as locals like to laugh about the 'the Magic Herb garden'

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