Updated: 28/10/2009

Ability Table Edit

Name Score Mod Bonus/Penalty 2nd Mod
Strength 10
Dexterity 14 2
Constitution 16 3
Intelligence 14 2
Wisdom 10
Charisma 21 5

General Edit

HP: 151 (11 p/lvl + 8)

DR: 0

Speed: 40 feet // 8 squares

Initiative: 2

Offense Edit

Base Attack Bonus: +9 / +4

Combat Maneuver Bonus: 9

Defense Edit

Armour Class: 16

Touch Armour Class: 11

Flat Footed Armour Class: 14

Spell Resistance: 0

Combat Maneuver Defense: 18

Note: +4 against bullrushes and trips due to Stability

Saving Throws Edit

Fortitude: 11

Reflex: 10

Will: 9

Note: +2 to save against fear due to Fearless

+2 against poisons, spells and spell-like abilities due to Hearty

Trained Skills Edit

Bluff: 8

Craft (Tailoring): 18

Diplomacy: 21

Disguise: 11

Handle Animal: 7

Heal: 3

Knowledge (Arcana): 11

Sense Motive: 18

Spellcraft: 10

Stealth: 12

Survival: 3

Swim: 3

Feats Edit

Racial Feats Edit

Argoth Flux


River Run

Sea Swirl

Ocean Current

Delta Pulse



Class Feats Edit

Weapon Focus: Rapier

Energy Resist: Cold +10

Energy Resist: Fire +10

Special Abilities Edit


Fast Movement



Nature Sense

Light Hearted

Open Hearted

Argoth Flux

Blood Line: Pride



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