Less about living life with reckless abandon the Cult of Humanity is about you guessed it Humanity.
It is a Human relgion that orginates in Barzon that is were it is strongest.
In Barzon some humans see themselves as surrounded on all sides by the enemy (non humans) and more than that some see the city as not much better thus rose the Cult which made sense of both.

The Cult of Humanity preaches that humans are superior to other races one reason above all other things.
Instinics, above all of the other races we are the quickest to abandon family, most will to hide durring a slaughter, strike when the back is turned and all of these other 'unadmerable qualities'
But why, why would we do such things?
Instinics we have an innate desire to live and with each generation we become better, every lesson learned by the last strengthens the next.
Ofcorse pass down these lessons to your children.
But believe in the darkness and it will be passed in your blood.

And what must you do for this?
Simple believe in Darknesses power and that of Humanities. More than that.


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