Continue to rebuild the Church of Darkness.

During the recent seige of Sao Lous, Dewthe was asked by the then General Leigh to mobilise the previous Church of Darkness led by Charles, a member of the Cult of Humanity and Dewthe's teacher at the time. Dewthe arrived at the church in time to see Guts, his original (and current) teacher, emerge from the Dark like a wraith and snap Charles' neck. After throwing his father's body to the ground, Guts turned to Dewthe and asked where his loyalties lay. Enticed by Guts' power and Carnage, his sword (The Sword of the Five Elements), Dewthe made his choice to stick with his original teacher until such a time as he could surpass him. Guts and Dewthe then laid waste to the Church, slaughtering disciples until none were left standing. Those that had fled were rounded up by Envy and later placed under a Geas by Guts.

After the seige, Dewthe hedged around questions by General Leigh, saying only that everyone in the church had been slaughtered but not naming the culprits. Sao Lous was in desparate need of healers, so after courageous efforts on the his and the parties behalf, Dewthe was granted the power to reinstate the church and to start recruiting. His 2nd in Command, Zyfon Zephyr, is a disciple of the Cult of Humanity, whereas Dewthe is a disciple of the Seven Paths. However, needing his expertise in the Dark Arts, Dewthe executed a brilliant bit of sweettalking and won Zyfon over to his side.

By rebuilding the Church of Darkness, Dewthe hopes to attract those who would be loyal to his causes, while also gaining clout with the more senior Imperious commanders and gaining access to more of Imperious' vast resources.

Understand and refine the Arcana used to control Aberrations.

During his first foray with the party, Dewthe and the others happened across a Necromancer who had gained the power to control Abberations. That the Necromancer lived in a sewer, behind a magically sealed and trapped door, and was neighbour to a dragon was of no consequence. What did matter was that Dewthe found the spells and arcana needed to control abberations. His first attempt and control seems to have been a complete success. He is now trying to understand and remove the unecessary jargon from the scriptures in an attempt to create a portable abberation control spell or item. Considering the Key to Pandora, Faceman, is also known as the King of Abberations, this could have secondary consequences and uses to what Dewthe originally foresaw. The Genius has refined the spell circle Dewthe was using, which gives him incentive to rid himself of the others for a short period of time.

Understand how to make permanent a summoned monster.

After a strange accident, Dewthe has found a way to change summoned monsters into permanent beings. While he has had limited chances to replicate the experiment he now has a jet black horse to show for it.


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