The Darkness was not always known as such but one day some worshipers of the 'Light' called it the Darkness and after that they took the name on as a mark of pride rather than an insult. (much like the Austrilian forces of the 'Rats of Torbrok')

The Darkness has an over arching theme of instincs are good.
And a much more basic line of if it feels good do it.

The tents of the darkness are you must live your life with reckless abnandon, if you do not enjoy life, the darkness will not see fit to take you and you must begin the cycle anew.
Life is full of hardship but if you spend your times down troden you will never get anywhere, working hard is only good if it gets you what you want.
Work as hard as you must, do as much as you must, no more.
Live life, do not love nor hate it simple live it.
There are a few different off shoots of the main relgion that are much more successful most notable of which is 'The Cult of Humanity'

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