The moutains of Dambreth

The mountains are an extermely dangerious place.
The flora and fauna of this place are unlike nowhere else, despite the plentfulness of food, there are many 'super' preditors which walk these jungles.
Some have blamed the Tower of the Artazils run offs from there experiments however these do not seem like Narvito's starange creatures, there are honed to 'perfection' many of the creatures of the jungle are specalists in one field or another largely to avoid preditors.

For example the so called 'Death blade' is a creature that feed primarily on rich roots and will eat some metals or minerals.
So this creature looks somewhat like a bulldog with exposeded eyes, with a tortese shell back with sharp spines and large humanoid like claws.
It burries itself mostly underground exposing only it's shell, this why it's nosterals are so far forward and high on its head so it breath.
It's not known how it senses creatures but the results are the same any creature that comes near is struck by posioned dart or 'blade' from it's shell.
Causing numbness, lack of breath and finally death.
Thus the name deathblade.

Though there are few actual mountains there the region is still referred to as such. The mountains hold some scattered villages of humans but, more well known for the Mountain Elves and Rongoth tribes of Orcs. In recent years the Orcs of the new age have taken up residence in this mountains Orcs that no longer have their savage ways but use the strategies of man and their weapons as well. Other humanoids roam this area these are the main threats aside from the wildlife itself and of course the dragons that call the region home.

In more recent times the war has died down, no one is saying it is off but perhaps it has simply gone to the deeper jungle.

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