The mountain god.
God of the Jungle.
God of the Hunt
God of Nature
God of Hunger
God of Guile
God of Strength
The Warrior God.
The all seeing one.

In many ways Darmbreth is much like his opposing deity Urgoth the Orcish god.
He believe in self, one should be self sufficent.
He believes in the way of the warrior, that might may make right.
He believes in strength as way of life.
However he does not believe in savagery and that is not connected to all of the above.

Competiveness is high to earn effection.
Giving worship is that a given.
Damrbreth elves see dragons in thier true form at there test of adulthood, some may receive this earlier than others but it is very rare, they under go this when they are sixteen years of age.
At this point in time almost all immidately see why they worship there gods.
It is also at this point in time that meet Lord Darmbreth.
Beyond this the only time they will see him is at the festville and still only then if they are to be married or they have an old grudge to be settled, through trial of first blood.

Of all of the draconic gods Darmbreth is perhaps the most involved with his followers.
There is a odd hiearchy that uses family and clan relations as to whom 'protects' Darmbreth.
This hiearchy is much more like a tree than a grid, some may advance sideways as much as forward and events can change it with some ease compared to the average, making one branch the lead rather than the previous.

His children are considered just that.
Children, Children of a god no less but still children,
They are considered far above that of most elven elders. However no child is above that of elder of the Reuion of Drambreth and yonger children are considered to below members of the reuion.


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