Perhpas the most famious member of the Saligla.
He is know by many names.
Dewthe the Vain.
Dewthe the trickster.
Lighting Sinner.
Sea born Sinner Dewthe.

Dewthe formed the Chruch of Seven.
Some claim that the Half Orc Peter Rendeath had already formed the church.
However the chipper Argoth dwarf is the first to build a church in Grand Port.
He preachs about belong to oneself and no other, he preachs about freedom from convetion.
His teachings are very radicial comapered the others.

He was famious before his forming of the church however he can cure the cystal plague which has all but vanished, begrudingly he has even cured some members of the light always with the comment of "You know you should really be on our side if the light can't do this"

However one thing he is very famious for which has gained him many accolades with Grand Port and it's supporter city states is that he is a traitor of Imperious.
And has bounty on his head within Imperious

Dispite this it has been said often vists inside this area.
Whatever the case maybe he has become one of the formost entertainers in grand port even though he is known to frown on the term, if your having a party in grand port it's not a party until his invited.

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