I Call this page Dragons bring the extra one because Corey (in game Dewthe) had a saying about how fanaticail Sol'heme was about dragons "One plus one equals three, the Dragons bring the extra one" which is pretty true of the character Sol'heme

Sol'heme wasn't your ordinary elf as his team mates have found out even so more recently with an encounter with a certain General. Sol'heme had a hard childhood and I would say a hard life but, its never been a walk in the park being a Zenko they were in charge of making sure the "New Age" didn't happen (though Guts (my last character) was largely responsible for making the new age happen). For those of you that don't know the New Age is a movement of the Orcs of Darmbreth particular Alexander a combat genius. After Alexander manipulated one of the orginal orcish cheiftens into mounting an assult against the Zenko (I'll put the Link in when its finished) after the clash the only thing that was left of either side was Sol'heme and Larroth Zenko the two sons of Yoshirou (the leader of the Zenko's).

After the Zenko fell the Darmbreth Elves felt it the New Age prospered and no one seemed to be doing anything about it not even Lord Darmbreth. This did make it much easier to fight of the fueding Orcish clans that remain but, unfortunatly those that survived the fights on the Orcish side seemed to join the New Age after their crushing defeats, yes in the last 20 years its become a much different ball game in Darmbreth.

Sol'heme and Larroth were raised by the elves as "children of the community" after the Elder (that's right Dragons) saw real talent of the Zenko variety which Sol'heme only has at those moments when its needed e.g five arcobatics checks, a phalanx, a Darmbreth Elf and a Isis Elf. Larroth was trained by the last champion of Darmbreth's older brother (I'd place money on him being the new champion) after this he found out something (Panthers?  I think its a bit deeper than Panthers) and Larroth didn't like it very much (he was just about as fanatical about Dragons as Sol'heme is now) enough to become a Dragon Slayer. He fairwelled Sol'heme by saying "Well its time to live" thoughtful like that. Sol'heme age 12 just for your information.

After this Sol'heme age 13 was dragged along to the festival by Selinea, Darmbreth seemed a bit unimpressed but, she reminded him if he ever hoped to kill all the Orcs a new generation of 'Loyal" Zenkos would be required. Thus Sol'heme attainted the Festival 3 years to early according to the teachings but, all the Elders knew he was their most of them thought it would make him crazy, others thought he would kill himself and then their was Selinea who knew thing would fall into place. After learning that Lord Darmbreth was a Dragon and so were the Elders Sol'heme smiled but of course what else could be a god nothing not elves that was clear at the time.

After this Sol'heme was told of his brother's betrayal by Selinea and Sol'heme was asked by the Elders to bring him back after three years of personal training with Selinea he was ready or as ready as any one could be to take on their flesh and blood (Sol'heme wasn't informed about how powerful his brother was... he soon found out). 

Since Sol'heme has tapped into his Draconic side maybe there is alittle more that is unknow about the Zenkos or maybe just him what about his brother?


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