Argoth Dwarves are also known as Happy Dwarves or Beach Dwarves.
They have earned this nick names, they enjoy life and where they enjoy life the most is at the beach.
They have a semi nomatic existance, they live of the sea, fishing, oster diving and sea weed harvesting.
They are often taned, with light natural coloured hair some times sun bleached to white.
They are often shaven with short beards (unlike there moutain cousins thier women do not sport beards)
They are extremely trusting of other people however they can turn at the drop of a copper.
Ussally docial and lazy with burst of uncontrolled energy thrown into mad presutes of sea waking.
There communites are tight-nit sharing what they have, non contributers are shunned thus everyone puts in some work. Anyone forunate enough to come across a tribe is treated well but expected to share espically drinks and herbs.

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