For some they simply say this is the spirtually poor mans equvilant of cult of humanity the elementalist would disagree ofcorse.
Disagreeing is one thing they do well.
Elementalist come in one of two variaties.
The first being the schools of opposison.
They propose that for every force there is an equal and opposet force and they have catorgised them into the most basic of elements, fire, water, air and earth.
Some have berated this belief system as science trying to elevate itself to the status of relgion.
However they disagree, they believe that simply means that one must lead a balanced life having equally messure actions and reactions they believe that one should only respond in the messure give to them.

The other being the five elements.
Metal, Earth, Wood, Fire and Water.
They believe in the cyclic nature of things, that there is an ebb and flow to life.

Dispite the name give of these people this contains six seperate relgions.
Dispite all of them being called elementalist.
What is curious however is that despite the annomisty most other relgions give this sudo science, many of them take part of there creation story from parts of the elemalists belife system, if not the same outright creation story.

This often is about the four elemental lords battling creating the earth in the process, life coming from there conflict.
The five elementalist have a similar story however the most unique amonst the creation story lies with them also.
In certain regions the story is told that once everything was in conflict until the elements alined and out of this everything was born.

The relgion is strongest on mighty Artizil river. (a five version)
The school opposition elementalist has a strong following among some magi, espically those not assoicated with major powers some becoming priest/magi, often reforcing the beliefs of other relgions calling them a science trying to be a relgion.

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