Some have said Elves do not age and are eternal.
My Father once said to me.
"Listen well son, to see the age of an elf (of Darmbreth) you must not look for wrinkles and lines.
A young elf walks fast, looks little and has few scars, an old elf walks slow, looks long and has many scars"

They elves of darmbreth are warrior hunters,
They exist with nature trying not cause to much damage.
They live of nature, some people calling them more primative, living as hunter gathers rather than as farmers.
However they seem to get by fine.
The darmbreth moutains is dotted with a large number of settlements however as to if they have people in them is not know to the outside world.
Some old Orcish encampments other old Elven sometimes the number of time that one has taken the other nethier is sure.
Dispite the constant fighting with the Orcs the Darmbreth Elves have seemed to remain reltively isolated from the rest of the world. No know Darmbreth settlement has ever been in constant contact with the other people of the realms.

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