To the Elves of Isis of the snow lands, there are only two things that are important to them beauty and magic, in that order.
But is there own unquie view on beauty, they find any muscular feature discusting, espically bulky muscle, muscle is unnessary, they have magic.
Magic is the cure all of there needs, they live a very different life the average person inside the realm, Builders weave, Hunters gather and Warriors speak softly.
The elves of Isis have a highly complex culture, what may seem like a simple gesture to an outsider, as to mad man screaming at the top of his lungs to them.
There langaue is long and emotive, to relay intent before purpose.
They regard complex garb as undigniefed and prefer simple clothing as such they are all very simlar in dress and all spout white hair eye colour shows only slight veriation so a princess and pauper would apper the same to an outsider. To solve this problem they have a highly complex healdery, which is shown through there braided hair.

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