The elves of Tebnet live the vast deserts of the land for which there named.
The desert elves of tebnet are high insular and not alot is known about there culture.
Disipite the elves of Isis being even more isolated than them the tebnet elves almost never open up about there culture it is something that the regard ethier with too much pride or perhaps shame for outsiders to know anything about.
They dress in heavy cloth that sometime hides armour underneth so that sun doesn't effect them.
There langaue compared to other elven langaues is gruff and gutteral.
Dispite them being known to be relgious, they do not attempt to spread there faith or discuss it with other and no know cleric or healers have come from tebnet.
However tebnet are known for having extesive knowledge of the body, both for purposes of healing and harming.
Skilled surgeons and skilled assassins however there almost always known as the later. The world of tebnet is hard one to break into.

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