Weapons Edit

Masterwork Rapier

Attack Bonus: +3

Critical: 18 - 20

Type: Piercing

Damage: 1d6

Heavy Crossbow

Attack Bonus: +5

Critical: 19 - 20

Type: Piercing

Range: 120ft

Ammunition: 59 bolts

Damage: 1d10

Water Whip

Attack Bonus: +1

Critical : 20

Type: Slashing

Range: 15ft

Damage: 1d6 + 1d6 fire or frost

Armour Edit

Studded Leather Armour of Darkness

AC Bonus: +3

Properties: +5 to Stealth


AC Bonus: +1

Amulet of Retributive Healing

Use (3/day): Heal yourself for as much as you heal someone

Backpack Edit

Items of note only

Black Potion x2 (suicide potion)

Red Potion x3 (2d8 +5 heal)

Cloudy White Potion x1 (memory erasing potion)

Imperious Bank Signet (basic Jesus fish picture)

Imperious Uniform - Commander Rank

Make Up / Triage Kit

Knitting / Sewing Kit


Chests Edit

Sao Lous Edit

Items of note only

Red Potion x6 (2d8 +5 heal)

Black Potion x4 (suicide potion)

High Quality Formal, yet Sexy, Gown

Valshar Elf Garb - Valshar knives and needles secreted in hidden pockets

Smart Casual Dress - Knives secreted in dress

Imperious Ceremonial Dress - Commander Rank

Pure White Pelt to be made into a Wedding Garb for Solheim


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