Halfing of the Icy River Run

Halfings of the Icy River Run traverse the length and breth Artizil as well as the forests of argoth and narvito, the moutains of darmbeth and the snow fields of Isis. The Halfing people are people whom live there life on the run. Wonderlust is there blood, they travel to train and train to travel. The skill trade of Icy River Run is the surivial.

+2 Dexterity +2 Wisdom -2 Charisma Halfings of the Icy River Run pit themselves against nature giving them insite beyond the norm just not soical grace.

Frail River Run recive a plus four bonus to there starting hit points

Small River Run are small and recive a plus one armour class bonus as well as plus for bonus on stealth checks

Slow Speed River Run have a base speed of twenty feet.

Low Light Vision the harsh life of the river run it pays to be aware, River Run can see twice the distance in low light conditions

Keen Senses River Run recive a plus two bonus to sight and sound based preception checks, In addition when every they are with ten feet of a trap or secert passage they can make a perception check whether they are actively looking or not

Hardened to the Wild River Run recive a plus one racial bonus to all saving throws

Skill Trade Surival River run recive a plus two racail bonus to acrobatics, climb and surival in addition when aiding another halfing the aid bonus becomes plus four rather than the standered plus two

Adrinaline Rush Three times per day a River Run may name any ability, combat roll or skill check and recive a plus one bonus to that (combat meaning attack rolls, CMB or Damage ect) however the River Run is on twenty pecent or lower hit points they recive a bonus four to these rolls. This bonus may also be extended to plus four in life and death skill checks at the DM discresition.

Weapon Familiarity River Run are Familar with quater staff, spear and bolas inlcuding also they treat any weapon with the word Halfing or Icy River Run in as a marhsal weapon (This does not apply Leafy River Run or Wild Run weapons as these are Leafy River Run weapons rather than Halfling weapons)

Favoured Classes Druid or Scout. Icy River Run Halfings have a connection to nature and know that surival relies on being aware. This choice must be made at first level.


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