Large village Population: 8,000 Government: Military

This was once a town filled with pirates however during the Slaughter Blitz it was captured by the Imperions.
However it had much strong resistance unlike many other towns it turned to street fighting, killing small patrols and such.
After this.
Lietenant Ellandia instuted a new law for everyone one of us that die five of you will.
And dragged out five random citizens of the city.
This broke the cities spirits and attacks stopped for a long period time.
However the started again.
When this happened now Commander Ellandia began dragging people out again but when taken they claimed that they were refugees from Jamion.
This when General Sol'heme intervend and let the people live.
Instead decreed a new law.
One that struck much more fear with most.
"In my land family is everything family is honor for some of you that means nothing for many it means everything"
"Now I bring the law the sins of the father"
Much more dastardly than that of pervious law.

Sons and daughter under the age of 12 would be split from the family member that commited the crime to be trained as soilders.
"And so now we will take your sons and your daughters so when you kill one of my sons and my daughters you will kill one of your own"

Those outside males of that age would be hung before the offender.
"Your brothers will share your fate but not before you see them go"

Women outside of that age would be split from the family and indocernated
"Your sisters will now be my sisters so that when you kill my sister you kill yours"

The wife, lover or otherwise engadged would be taken to Vigilance.
"Your lover will become mine, no longer loved and will now only serve those that you kill, left to there pity."
"For I have no pity, no remorse and no fear."
"Come after me at your own peril"
"Feel fear in your hearts for I will watch this town from now until the end of time and I watch your sons remebering the sins of there fathers"

After this many Fortilian terrorists migrated through out the mighty nation of Imperious however.
The law remains in this town a plaque that commerates the generals speech.
Since then only the most hardened criminal have ever appered in the city.

At the moment it was one of the formost produces of Imperion warships.

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