Imperions are usally known only by there first name however after some scholars translated his name they found it relevant.
General Sol'heme (Princess) Zenko (of the Slaughters)
Though some have contended that scholars must have mistraslated the scholars insist they have translated the orginal Darmbreth correctly.

General Sol'heme is accused of some of the most horrendious crimes.
From inside his own ranks those in Imperious claim that he has joined with fowl legions of the darkness and made dark pacts with relgious zelots for power to killing Imperions most noteable of which General Galin and General Liegh
And from outside the Assination of Kings rather than facing them in battle, killing civilians, burning down hospices, churchs and food stores.
As well as one most noteable day were it is rumoured he summoned demons to slaughter the inhabitants of Jose

However not one of these things has stuck.
What is known about this General is his fierceness.
He conqured much of the known realm in under two years.

The it is rumoured the only reason he stopped is under direct order of Imperious himself after the devastating loses of battle of Jamion.

It is thought that he keeps much of his bloodthirsty Darmbreth elven nature.

What is known about his personal life is that his wife is not ranked but has apperantly given many childern to Imperious.
She is also known as the blood princess after one noteable attack in fortillia, where all of her guards where killed wile she was bathing, all of the attackers were killed not only that they were found gutted and she was bathing in there blood.
When asked by the Arbite who arrived on the scene if she was alright she respond with this quote that remains the most referenced matterial in the offical Imperion records
"If I had of done any less I wouldn't be worthy of my Husband" *gets up from bath holding a knife* "Please don't worry my Husband with this we don't want him to worry over such trivial matters."

It is also thought that he is a insatiablewomanizer.

His reign has been cursed by a large number of problems, from contain cystal plague in Torism after there failer to do so finding that it has appered in other areas such as Soa Lous again.
Minor insurections.
Assinations of high ranking officers.
Posioning of stores and many other problems.

Whatever faults claimed that he has there one thing that is synonymous with his name.

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