Session blog for the (8/11/09):

I was awoken by palenifay early in the morning abrabtly to find that duth and solheime where missing and their beds soaked with blood. i put some pants on, grabed Betty and proceded to follow one of palenifray's white wolves that always seem to appear out of nowhere while she proceeded ahead.

I was approached multiple times by cloaked shadowy figures asking for me by my former name thribbledorf pewnt... which reminds me that i should probably tell my friends that i have regained me memories and with it my birth name and, my families shame

i eventually accepted that these people were searching for me, i was asked to follow them. they had taken me to an abandoned church a few blocks from the inn, upon entering the building my eyes locked with that of our deferred "friend" Val'Vol, naked and suspended from the roof by chains. duth came out of the shadows with a freshly healed scar on his neck for ear to ear, he informed me that our dear friend had come back to tie up some loose ends by eliminating "face-man's" pursuers.

the group went outside the room leaving one of duth's clerics to watch Val, we discussed what we were to do with him, but it came down to interrogation. he reveled to us that he was pursuing a group of (insert name here) which were creatures with black skin that shot a beam of negative energy that rips the skin from bones, with these creatures the face-man aka king of aberrations would be able to create an army of flesh striping evil.. he would be unstoppable.

but we also had another task, the newly appointed general of sao laous was sending an armed escort of soldiers to a small farming village to the west to conscript a person of great importance a sorceress with the blood of imperious we had to stop him but we couldn't allow him to know we were going to interfere. so we went to go apply for leave when we were summoned to meet with the general. he informed us that he didn't like us that we were a taint in the imperious army but he wasn't going to kill us or discharge us because that would make him look like the bad guy, so he offered us a "secret mission" to get us out of his hair and let us be forgotten as heroes. we accepted the indefinite barrzon recon mission and asked for a few days to settle our affairs. we left his office with a mixed look from the secretary.

myself and plenafrey went in to the sewers with duth's map to find a secret way out of the town but we had tails that we couldn't shake. we informed the group and went to the dock to try and rally some Allys in the coming skirmish... the prim rose with (commander) captain korsove. we eventually secured his help and left the city via the tunnels and got on to the main road to travel.

we found and eliminated our tails.

we were traveling along when we encountered a group of leafy river run halflings we stopped and were compelled to chat with them but there was something about their leader that was different.. his eyes were yellow.. when we set out i patted him on the shoulder and wished him good travels but instead of him moving with the contact the ground compressed under him, and solheim called him elder..a few miles down the road we encountered a similar group but of argoth dwarfs where a similar thing happened.

we arrived at the town and were greeted by a farmer and were welcomed to rest for a while, i went to their communal house to try their local drop while planifray and went and talked to the child of interest. duth went and talked to the farm pigs while solheim went hunting (against the locals warning not too). a few hours later i spotted solheim sprinting towards the town.. closely followed by a group of dire bears.. and they looked pissed.

we engaged the bears i set up a defensive line in front of the villages to protect them and was hacking and slashing away when i spotted solheim.. his face was covered in scales and his eye looked reptilian and he was spitting acid at the bears. after finishing off the rest of the bears we spotted something strange coming from the tree line.. it was a bloody big T-Rex!!.. with an almost naked man on its back. it charged me, i held my ground, i hacked at any part of it that i could eventually i saw that the man on top fall off and the dinosaur seemed to lose interest in us and walked off back into the forest. i approached the man and found that he had an exceptional fur coat so i took it and went to bury him.

the towns folk were extactic about our intervention but our victory was short lived. korsove arrived and started crying about how he was too late to save the village.. i eventually gave him a mug of the local drop to shut him up he was making my head hurt...

the next day the envoy showed up to their surprise they had wall of steel between them and their prize. they turned to leave peacefully but their captain turned and took a swing at duth they were arrested by korsove and were made to help rebuild and repair the town from the bear's damage.

a few days later we set out to find (insert name here), solheim found them in a cave and we had them by surprise, plenifray started conjuring spell after spell of devastating snow and ice in an attempt to slaughter them but they managed to form an offensive formation and were about to tear her apart when i heroically intercepted and took the brunt of the damage, we went in and found that they were transplanting their body parts in to a human captive in some twisted experiments. we burnt all trace of them to ash and sealed the cave.

after a few days rest and healing from duth the general showed up with his own escort to take the child but we put up a strong resistance against the old general. but his cool calm demeanor was threatening and a few times i was forced to retreat to compose my self but eventually we surpassed him and he died. but as it turned out he was the child's farther.

we returned to the city of sao lous to find that the story of our epic battle between the s.s.s. and the corrupt general had be spread.

session blog for 01/03/2010

today started out somber, beginning with the (first) last rites which was followed up by the planing of the assault of the towers of the eye and the infiltration of the golden emperors glass fortress we chose our partners and our targets based on what we knew about each of the champions guarding them. we relayed the plan with our dragon slayers counter parts and went back to the tavern to sleep for the night. during the night we were attacked by the "panther people" who were still after solheime for smelling like his brother, i was informed by the dragon slayers that there was an army of them on approach so we had better find a new place to rest the night. in the morning we gathered and i preformed the last rites for the battle that approached us was one with an uncertain fate so we prepared our last will and testament( )and went to our positions.

my task was to destroy kedron the mad, i approached his tower and found an amour clad warrior blocking the path i challenged him and began by charging him with a brutal attack releasing some angolen fury which concussed the air with a surge of heat and force, my opponent reveled in the challenge and met my challenge with trembling anticipation and a flurry of wounding attacks, i responded with an onslaught of powerful precise and devastating blows. he consumed some canisters of fluid which he kept on his back.. he speed increased, his wounds healed, he became more powerful but at a price i suspect for soon the liquid started to seep out of his Orpheus's.

he did a drive by attack striking me once i hit him twice when he was open and followed him with one more strike to him.. he froze and hes amour locked into place making him look like a metal statue.. there was a voice in my head saying that i would make a fine champion and i would take his place... kedron the mad summoned a massive beast made disfigured flesh my companion was outraged at the abomination of unnatural creation and threw some spells at the mage i followed it up with another onslaught of attacks killing the beast and wounding the mage. he retreated to his tower. the druid and i ran up the interior and confronted him on the second floor he tricked our perception creating false copies of himself, and further enticing me to join him. we dispatched the false copy's, he cast a spell and fell out the window.. i followed in pursuit landing and killing another image. he tried to run back inside, the druid stood before him changing her shape to a ferocious bear and held him as i delivered the final blow he collapsed.

i went over to investigate the champions sword that had wounded me so, it reveled in the pain it wrought it was evil it hated me, it hated life. i couldn't leave it there for another to pick up it had to be destroyed, i knew it could only be destroyed by life.. the life of the earth the ancestral forges in the heart of the angol mountains i must return the to destroy the blade i wrapped it in some leathers and cloths and stuffed it in my back chest.. i could still feel the hate seething from behind.

i went in to the tower to find the passage to the egg of all wasn't in the basement it was in the top of the tower.. silly humans only they could make it that you have to go up to get down, my obstical how to get down the several story drop with no climbing gear the druid suggested that we travel through the earth but for that id have to undress.. i knew she wanted me it was only a matter of time, i told her it wasnt the time or the place for it but she insisted and she proceeded to suck me..into the earth, heh women they tell you one thing and do another (lol). needless to say i wont forget that experence.

we emerged from the passageway to find the rest of our entourage waiting and getting into formation when face man showed up. gorak charged him and begain the battle, but by the time i was close enough to engage him, i felt a strange feeling about some of my allies.. things i havnt noticed before, that i should have like the druid calling me a perverter of nature and saying that when she has the chance she will returne me to the earth and restore the balance i have changed, or gorak's initial charge that almost decapitated me and told me it was my fault. they think me a fool a waste of power. I'll show them! so i laid an assault on the druid for her hanis threats, but gorak saw what i was attempting and came at me with his full fury and the last thing i remember is his sword inbedded in me and his roar of rage.

i awoke to darkness ebbing around me and the taste of a healing potion in my mouth, a voice in my head.. faceman's it was telling me to flee the battle that he was going to cover my escape, that he was my saviour. he told me to run over to his ally that she will help me escape, so i sprinted.

the next thing i know i was being flung into the egg of all life.. it was like a cool refreshing wave of energy was washing over me, taking away my pain, my anger and my guilt i was left completely at peace, my scar from the immortal didnt hurt anymore, and i felt no remorse for my clansmen the battle still raged on but i felt no compulsion to join in. i stood there watching these people i had no feeling for fight for their lifes and i could not bring my self to join the fight, then the orc turned on his allys he charged him and cut him in half, i was shocked with this mans utter disregard for his allys and i was appaled, duth ran over to rufio and healed his injurys and pulled his fleeing essence back to this world and back to his body bringing him back to life only to be put back in to harms way when gorak stood on his head and threated to crush his skull for his insolance, he didn't need to die over something not done on purpose. so i gave him an option he could eaither kill the wounded man or he could complete the prision with the shard that i still had he reluctinly removed he's foot and i used my shard.

faceman was smileing and informed us that he was not alone in his assault that he to was being hunted by the "apex" preditor and that it was close by. with an earthquake like force it broke through the wall a thing of immence size and power, it opened its mouth and a beam of pure energy came out and decemated all in its path i ran away to seek council from the magi, they renewed my hopes and charged over to help the others fel this beast that would surely devour us all just for being there. the monster lumbered around the room with us all in toe it charged to the other side i rode one of the magi's creatures after it realeaseing some pent up energy in an enourmous jump to the creatures head, where after secureing my self i started to put my all into cracking its head asunder, i was making progress when it walked over and begain to absorb the egg.. bad would be an understatement to describe this situation, so i put the rest of my energy reserves into increasing the crack in its skull i slid down its face using betty as a wedge i cracked its forehead apart, snapping bettys blade in the process while my allys made a frantic effort to try and get out of the way of its blast and try and put it down.. it all happened so fast, all i saw was the dragonslayers mage push the last of the group out of the blast befor the beam disintgrated all in its path.. including the mage, leaveing a gaping hole in the wall to the surface... the beast fell, its silent presence could still be felt but its heart beat no more

i retreaved the axe head from the beasts gapeing skull and placed it in my back pack, and held on to the shaft with my locked gauntlet. and went to stand next to my companians. once we had all recovered gorak still in the grip of madness was demanding blood because of his friends loss, he was refuseing to see reason going on about his cultures belife of "blood for blood" even tho we had not shed the wizards blood, after a heated dispute to which i rejected myself from plenifrey had offered herself up as the sacrifice but first she had to carry the vessal with faceman inside back to the third because it could only be moved by manipulators of magic.

i went to climb out of the exit when i begain to float.. not a feeling i like to happen to often, upon reaching the surface i was greeted by the one they call osrisus and his friends, osrisus was in bad shape having to be held up by his orc friend. he told us he had witnessed gorak's betrail and that he to was also out for the orc's head, and that on of the wizards of the barzon towers was in cahoots with the dragonslayers and was now out for our blood, he laid a hand on my dragonslayers amulet and told me to tell my friends befor passing out.

i was setting off to find an inn when a silvery dragon swooped down and turned into palenifry, dumbfounded i muttered out the first thing i could think of.. you gotta teach me that, she told me of her escape from gorak and X and how she had to leave behind the prision and how the town was under seige from and unknow threat, i offered her my help in saving the towns folk and we set off, later finding duth. we stumbled into a group of people that although they looked simple they had a seceret power about them.

the threat we discovered was of the panther people they had blostered an army and seem to have gotten stronger, they were at least double in size and thought of us as little more than a nuisance and did not bother to attack us, we followed duth to an inn as he needed to find and collect someone he promised he would help get out of the town, as we approched the inn a group of panther people were setting the surrounding buildings ablaze, they watched your approch with little worry but once they set eyes on duth they became anxed and all fled.. i dont know why. but there was something different about him.. he seemed taller more shadowey i couldnt put my finger on it.. nor did i want to.

they had finaly captured they're foe in a prision of magical energys, but they had sworn to hunt us down and kill us all.. i must address that when i came back from angol, that and i should probabley go back to imperious and see to those rumours that have been floating around about us killing our beloved bar wench.. i should also go check on todd he's surely made a nusance of him self, grr.. lil bastard.

Leaving the city:

i was about to leave the city when i noticed that, so were alot of people i inquired with some velshar elves. they informed me that the town was now under marshal law and that all the non-humans were being rounded up for crimes against the city. apparently a group of velshar elf/panther people had attacked the town and now they were being rounded up and sent to slaughter camps. so all that could flee were i met up with a group of kin and i proposed to travel with them to the mountians to seek refuge they obliged me but i was also pleaded by a group of velshar elves to help them escape, they dwarfs didnt like the idea and made me choose to eaither help the elves or travel with the dwarves.. i chose to help the elves. they gathered up what they could and we snuck out of the town.. i was being led by a ranger, who led me to belive that we were heading towards the dwarfs.. we met up with groups of lost elves and procceded on after a short few days i was approched by another ranger and was informed that we were not infact going towards the mountians but away from them. when i confronted our leader about this he said that it was not safe to head that way. i dissagreed and the ones of like mind followed me. we were barely 2 days out when we recived news that a rebellion had started in barzon.. all the non humans were fighting and standing their ground against the humans.. defending their homes. i decided to return and help them.

i reentered the city and approched the command tent and enrolled. The elf in charge was of darenbreath decent he assigned me to a lowely post and dissmised me. but i hung around for a little more to look at the battle plans, with by limited knowlage of such tatics i questioned him about why he was protecting a single family house and leaveing major gaps in the defence open.. he dismissed my claims and utterly refused them. i pointed them out again as the leader of the rebelion walked in, an attractive velshar elf lady she approched and saw what i saw.. unimpressed she promoted me to her battle coordinating general. i reinforced the battlements and restructured the army. scorned and undermined the previous general gruginly the general complyed.


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