Large city Population: 80,000 Government: Hidden Council

This is the largest city in the realm bar Barzon. The City gathers a number of people from different walks of life if you were looking for a half-orc or an elf this would be the place to look. The city is very prosperous it is the last city from the river to the sea and the first from the sea to the river and as such has become a massive trade town though they have their own crops and Ash you can find near anything in this city. The city is governed by a hidden council so no one can strike at the cities heart. The city also is home to two powerful organizations. The wizard tower of the Artizal and the grand convergence, a collection of knights, paladins and monks. Despite the city’s relatively small standing army it is though that these organizations keep the city safe. The grand port also supports a large number of small towns, villages, Thorpes and hamlets from as far north as Anpos to as far south as Bella and as far west as Mari. Often moves to support against threats against the people however because of the small size of their army they are often sending adventures in there stead sometimes with lucrative contracts other just with the promise of adventure.

In more recent years there has been less seen of the lictors and much more recently there has been talk that the coucil has once again been replaced, it often takes years for porters to notice because they are an extemely secertive organization that and to the average porter they simple don't care life goes on.
But for the infomation gather like yours truely, well it's a different kettle of fish.

Grand port is built on the mouth of the Artizil river.
This has allowed for great trading oppertunity, also control the mouth of the Artizil they control all the in and out traffic of the super river.
This allows them to effectively control the river, though the city states inside maybe sovergin in their own right.
Grand port has much diversity due to it's location, people from Darmbreth mountains, the Artizil river, Narvito and all of the Coast have come to call this place home.
With diversity comes comflict however two major stablizing factors have remained, the Tower of the Artazil and the Grand Convergance.
Though the Tower (short for the Tower of the Artazil, further south maybe know as the Artazil to avoid confusion with the Tower of the Eye), true headquaters does not lie here they have many bases and rucruit people here
Both the Tower and the Covergance are look upon with respect but supicion.
Dispite this the major power is the Council.
No one knows who the Council is, some theorize that it is not a group but an individual but regardless of what the Council truely is it does not matter it's power is real and was proved not long after the Forgetting (69 A.F).
In 72 A.F an individual by the name of Manth decided with the Fall of the Grand (67 A.F) and Long Fall (somewhere between 68 and 72 A.F) that he would take power.
Suposedly backed by rival thives guild to the current in power Manth used charismatic charm, muscle and money to form a private army, his goal to take over Grand Port.
His armies ran through the city guard, with the Convergance losing people to the Tower and then Tower losing control at some point the city guard had become less of standing army more of malitia/police force.
Before the Long Fall city guard or simply the Guard had been both the police and the army more over they were a private army, with the convergance whom held power for almost two decades they were compeled out of faith with Artazil they were compeled out of coin, before that I can not say it was before my time but as to what I learned from my father, they were more an Army however being in the Guard allowed special privilage and some said they quitely ruled the city and there was no council.

Hower in 72 A.F this was proved wrong, Manth had taken much of the city looking to Avoid the Convergances private forces they had taken the old dock, markets, merchant quater and much of the Artazil quater.
Dispite all of this success and having the guard on the run things suddenly went afoul a massive cloaked figure that is said to have the rage of demon slipped through shadows and plowed through troops into the attacks headquaters in the merchant district where the figure faced down Manth and slew.
Most Manth's elite remained however they were deswaded by the figures one and only comment "The Council will not stand for this"

After this there was a surge in the recruitment for the guards, where the funds came from people are not sure, which futhered the claims of the real council returning.
It had been over two decades since there had been any word from council or anyone speaking on their behalf.
Since the great knight, the Heart of Grand Port had announced since the "Apthay of the council made him take charge of the city".
However unlike last time was a major power shift there was no figure to point fingers at people were both uneasy and exsited.
Many rushed to the city, the subtle crime wave that had been growing since 70 A.F had been making people avoid the city however crime had almost ceased, defaintly no serious crime.
Though there were rumors of council assinations, the only vaild arguement any is those 'council spokemen' whom went missing after looking for taxes.

This created great controverse, perviously it was thought the last council was assinated and Heart simply had to step up but the evidance suggests that perhaps it was more that the council had stepped down weither it forced or it be otherwise.
(And to the Heart appoligist whom think his rule unjust though I may be spreading this knowledge freely we do not want or need your kind)

After the first year of exsitement and wonder of the council being back the city looked to more pratical conserns.
The Heart treaty with pirates of Opious were now null and void, with both the logger heads with how one failed city when they were incharge the Council was without a navy and two powers in Artazil waters contuined to create tentions with one another supposed from one side or the other did nothing to help.

It was at this time that it was discovered that 'Blood Fist Bill' or 'William the Just' to some others was dead.
The news ran through the city like wild fire.
The slight trade increase from non humans did little to ease fears of non human attacks.
(Some reported a heavily armed Elven force coming into the city during the forgetting but it is this Authors opinion to disregard any comments as to the day of the forgetting many people claim wild things on that day)
Fears of Orcish barbarians were far out weighted by the idea of an organzied Elven assult.

It was at this time that Peter Rend of the Chruch of Seven anounced that he had made contract with the Orcs of the New Day or Bright Orcs that he had made contracts with them to protect the city from Orcish attack.
He however denounced the Elves of Darmbreth and urged cashion when dealing with them.
Alexander of the New Day then lead a march threw the city, stopping only once at the Cathdreral of the Grand Convergance for an inderminable peroid of time until a Darmbreth Elf appered spoke and they left.
Dispite a small incidedent in the docks the 'peace march' was still seen with mixed results, the dock yard workers of the old and the people of the Convergance saw it as a threat but the Merchants saw it as progressive only knowing the Orcs of the old ways saw it as a major step forward.
(this however may have something to do with the massive increase in sales due to the wealth of the new dawn.)

For a few years the city ran with out incident until 77 A.F when the Black Howl returned to the port many saw this as ill omen.
It landed realtively without incident the ship was no under the command of Lo'Angsa the first female captian and an elf no less, though her orgin seems to be a mystery she has features of a elven races. (need cititation)
(A friend of mine said the name is draconic in nature and can mean many things but has never heard it prounced one way consitantly to deterimine it's meaning)
The crew spilled on the streets of Grand Port as customers rather than invaiders but many say rowdy pirate is twice as distructive as a focused one.
The Captain was seen going to the Grand Converance, some people think the Heart treaty is still in effect others are more weary.
After this the ship was not seen for a few more years.

A few years after this (an accuarte date is unlikely) there were reports of the lectors appering.
Some conflicts are a bit more than the guard can handle ethier in calbier or the lack the tounge and wit.
The lectors were said to have appered at these times, though many thought they were just nuteral parties payed with small ammounts of coin by both parties to reslove conflicts it appers that they wield more power than that.
The lectors showed through some subtle incedents (thus how hard it is to get an accurate date) that they had more power than just of wise men and women handing out judgements.
After this the guard woke up to the fact of who they were treated them with much more respect.
They were the face of the council.

After this Grand Port has been realtively peaceful however it is ever changing.
Less goods come via the sea and more via the southern trade roads the high way roads more frequent use a sign of how bad things are in Bella and Cameraton and how safe the roads have been made by Imperious.

Two things are always constant in life death and taxes the Port is no different however unlike many towns there is no resedency taxes only import and export taxes.
Some people think thats why the city has grown so much, your goods are taxed on arrival and on exit.
Easier to sail an empty ship than take travellers or goods out of the city.

For this reason there are many skilled artizens in the city there wares untaxed for them.

Unfornately due to the fact that goverment has changed so many times over the law can some times be a sticking point.
Though there comman things that everyone can agree on, muder, rape, thievery and assult are all crimes however punishment and severity of punishment can be wildly different according to whom has charged and processed you.

Take for instance murder, I have heard of a muder on the dock yards where the man was released on the same day, apperently the man said that a 'pirate' whom had threaten his daughter.
This was the mans exuse for running a man through.
Despite this he still got away with it.
By contrast a man whom killed a merchant in the Merchant Quater, was drawn and quatered after a day of trial.
From my reports the man was a simple dock worker with Orcish hertiage whom simply killed the man in self defence after being beaten because he was to show this man some 'respect'.
Whatever lot the Orcs or those desended from them deserve it is not that I have seen a man quatered an no man deserves that despite the fact that the crowds reveal in it.

There is a system however and I do not know of any going so horriablely wrong as those.
There are the arbitors whom as far as anyone can tell feed by less their trade and more there masters the lectors.
The reason that not every issue goes to an arbitor is because of cost, arbitors demand ten faces.
(Face is the golden coin of the grand port.)
It is for this reason that many crimes stay out of there control and are simply left for the guard to decide.
Watch captains have the final say unless a arbitor is called for.
There is one time that makes the city stand up and take notice, this is when a lector is called.
Lectors could be considered the final step.
Ussally they are not called for, some people unhappy with an arbitors decision may give a hunderd faces and still then they are not always called sometime the arbitor returns simply saying that the call was just this does not make people happy as general rule however there one time that lectors come in.

No one is sure how the Council gets its infomation this is why it is more popular to believe that it is a group rather than individual whome poses as a group, because of the time in which lectors have responded.
Certain crimes are ethier so henious or officers so corrupt and worse of all when there are both that a lector simply appers.
The markets are mucked out and square given, trading almost stops for the durration of the session.
Anyone in the square is to be judged.
Because until the lector has spoken, the crimes are not known sometimes it is not as the comman man sees it but often is.
So many give it a fair birth.
These set precidents for the city, thus far the precidents have been in this order,

Hiding of a crime through corruption; Sentence: beating of given by the accused and then shackeled and stocked for one week left to the mercies of the crowd.
A Sargent,a captain and a merchant were all suprised by the verdict thinking that the accused whom they were charging with killing of a guard.
Much coin runs through my hands in an event such as this as people want to know the secerts of what happened.
A man had been refusing to pay 'protection money' to a this Captain a guard was sent over to 'make an example of him' however the man had some experince with a blade and killed the guard.
Fearful for his life he hid the guards body which was discover by alley rats (children whom are under the 'care' of thieves guild)
After this the Captain found out was going to make example (again) of him until the lector appered.
But enough explanation, I only tell because of the coin it brought me.

Killing of a guard to hide a crime; Sentence: he was nailed to a pole and left to starve two days (one for each murder) and on the third day he was brought down and sword plunged into his heart.

Rape of a child; Sentence; To be beaten with an inch of death clerics to restore him and then give as slave to the family of girl until age when she may leave at which time he will be give to the girl along with all of his remaining assets.
This was the first time a speach was given before the sentence.
"As you have taken away a chance of life, a chance of greatness so too will we take your life not just your death"
After this a bald man in black robes came out and carved him with a knife.
Upon reseaching this case I discovered that it was more than ideal words, the former wealthy mechant whoms name is now completely irrlevent is compelled to do anything the girl says.
Upon publishing this infomation, I heard many anti council comments in the Cathderal quater.

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