+2 Special Those that choose to live in human socities or wanders may choose any stat to put plus two in. Those raised by eleves must choose one of there two postive stats to put two points in Sturdy Half Elves recive a plus six to there starting hit points

Normal Speed Half Elves have a base speed of thirty feet.

Low Light Vision due to there elven hertiage they recive low light vision with exception of Isis half elves the recive Snow Vision as per the ability

Keen Senses Half Elves recive a plus two bonus to sight and sound based preception checks, In addition when every they are with ten feet of a trap or secert passage they can make a perception check whether they are actively looking or not

Elvish Blood Half elves have elven blood, they count as both having elven and human blood.

Weapon Familiarity Half Elves recive weapon familiarity as per there culture, if raised by elves as per there elven counter part if by humans as per there human counter part, but a wander they may select one weapon which they are familar with

Favoured Classes Half Elves may choose any class as there favoured class, however once they choose this in can not be changed.

Adaptability upon charater creation, halves may choose to start with a racial elven ability or a human cultural feat or if a wander they start with skill focus.


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