Half Elves

The life of a half elf is hard. Previously thought to not exist at all half elves have been seen in socity beyond that of humans. At first it was thought that half elves were so adaptable that in elven socities they just were as the elves were, people suggested darker threoies such as they were killed at birth or locked away as abbominations. However humans have encountered half elves in elven socities they have be come deplomats between the races often bridging perviously unbridgeable devides. Some however have seen the darker side, half elves obessesed with proving themselves to there tribe and taking it out nearby humans. Half-elves in human socities seem to much the same. They do not posses the elven frame light and agile but fragile they seem to take after there human counter parts in this regard with an elven twist. Some pity them other envey them. They however are yet to find there place in the world.

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