The Army-Nation of Imperious, lives a different life to the average person. Wile other grow up playing in the mud and having fun with there friends and haphazardly learning from father or mother. The people of Imperious train, wile trainer watch for the talented to show there masters. Wile others fall into family professions settle for comfortable lives if they are wealthy or destitute lives if they are poor. The people of Imperious all strive to raise there ranks and avoid being pushed down, there status is deemed by there worth. Wile other compete against one another to raise them selves to higher status and push the other down, Imperious works as a team to push everyone further.

"Harsh but Fair" A common Imperious saying

'Imperious Feats'

'Harsh but Fair'

Live with Honor
 Death before Dishonor

'Arcane Schooling '


Dauntless '



'Harsh but Fair'

In the life of an Imperion, you are your rank, if someone is above you are obedient if bellow obedient to

you. There is a perfect order to things thus when you see an enemy you know inattentively if you are predator or prey.

Role Playing: you are quick to note attributes to people, where some people would tell a white lie you will tell the truth as it makes more sense to you that someone can access there capability in there role. However when it comes to taking criticism you can not fault people if they are truthful.

You receive a plus two bonus to diplomacy and sense motive. However you revive a minus two to bluff. When using sense motive to access someones challenge rating you gain a bonus plus two on top of your plus two bonus

If someone is of a higher challenge rating than you, you may spend an action point to gain a bonus to your shield AC You gain proficiency with shields.

'Live with Honor'

Prerequisite: Harsh but Fair, Shield mate and Phalanx fighting'

In Imperious the unit is everything, one man will die to protect ten, ten for hundred and a thousand for there commander. Living in Imperious means that you should live with honor, taking pride in whatever you do. And keeping to ones word.

Role playing: when you give your word you must keep it, this means you do not break promises or forgo punishment. However promises that end up clashing with your ideals such as betraying your nation, friends or family you may have qlams with.

When opponent uses an area effect spell against your team you may instead if it in path of the spell hit you instead.

When bloodied, you may spend an action point to inspire everyone with your courage, you do not revive this bonus however your allies do. You may also spend action point to gain DR/chaotic until the end of round.

'Death before Dishonor'

'Prerequisite: Live with Honor'

To an Imperion, the worst thing in life is to dishonor yourself. There is a common saying in Imperious "Death before Dishonor"

Role playing: You will do anything to avoid dishonoring yourself. If this means death so be it. You will choose to die before relieving information of your allies, family and nation.

When you use a action point you may choose to heal that much plus your level if you do, you gain die hard. And you will continue fighting even if will kill you, until your task is done.

'Arcane Schooling'

Those chosen to be inducted in to the schools of arcane arts, a brought in at a young age and it becomes there life'

Choose one Arcane spell casting class (Warmage).

You may activate spell trigger magic items as if you had 1 level in

that class. This class is now an additional Favored Class for you.


To the people of Imperious, combat is hardly new and it horrors hardly effects them +2 bonus on Initiative checks

+2 bonus on Spot checks.

Cannot be Shaken, though you can still be Frightened or Panicked.


The people of Imperious understand that combat is never one way and are thickskinned

When ever you drop below zero you may activate this ability if you do you remain standing for one more round before you would become disabled +8 hit points.

This feat can only be taken once. It does stack with Toughness.


Order is everything to an Imperion, whether it be in life or in combat.

+2 bonus on Will saves.

+2 Spellcraft check.


"Like an Imperion that can't swing a sword" A saying meaning unlikely

Gain proficiency with all Martial Weapons.

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