Large City Population: 32,000 Government: Military

Imperious the tyrant of Argoth, the city of Imperious is home to possibly one of the largest armies in the entire realm. The city is extremely organized; it is sustained by tides of fields, massive orchards and livestock. It has no true export but it supplies armies with food, weapons and armour.

Imperious is the core of the Imperious Empire.

In Imperious the law is simple obey those of higher rank.

Imperious is a City-State that has an incredblely large army.
In Imperious a man is not born with station nor is he born with previlage, nor is there a focus on man.
In Imperious, everyone is state taught, they have family like any other.
In Imperious and it's other cities, rank is everything.

In Imperious is the military is literally everything, even farmers are in the military, everything goes by rank.
A famer is ranked acording to how well he does, as much as a soilder in how well he performs.
In this way everyone earns there station, this is the equallity that is much hated and also much loved with Imperious.

In the center of the city there is a grand fortress palace.

In addition to all of this, Imperious is also the only known empire that is offically marked as such.
Barzon and Grand Port have armies that they call from beyond their city boarders however laws and infrustucture are left to whom ever is the goverment of the local area.

Imperious military doctirine does not sit well with everyone.
If you are an Imperious citizen you are a solider, though they have different ranking systems which allows for one of there people to be a farmer as legitmately as they could be a sargent infact both.
However the core tentants of Imperious law is that any citizian must have formal military training.
Regardless of any other conserns.
This gives Imperious a huge edge on both Grand Port and Barzon, wile they may have more people, Imperious will always have more soliders.

What is interesting is that the military system has a strange relgious tone to it.
The higher up the more your respected ofcorse however from what we can tell when they say 'Superium Commander' it translates more easily as God.
Wile we Porter's don't fully understand the concept, from what we have dervined from conversations and some hand written notes on this subject.
Upon reaching the rank of 'God' you transend to a higher state of being.
Some of my colleagues have suggested that wile the root translation is correct and the reveance is there, it more discribes someone whom has attanded that rank, they are god-like in tatical planning, sword master and such.
However I believe that this is a sutble but uniquely Imperion mentality or relgion.
It seems completely logical if the military is everything then the peak of the military is godhood, also one could see how it makes for easy command structure.

Imperions have a saying "fear the shield not the sword" I think it is just the localization of the River saying "Beware the patient man".
This could quite easily refer to the Imperion mentality when it comes how things are done.
Imperions think of defence first and this is not only in the miltiary regard.
For example the taking of Sao Lous was a major shake up for the Trade Seas as they were known and all of the coastal settlements there in. (have some tails that the three city core was not always as such and that they too suffered a similar fate to that of Sao Lous.)
However rather than trying to grab as far north as Castion or as far south Fortilia they simply fortified the area.
Not just walls but alliences, turned warlords on one another made lasting trade contacts.
Imperions are not fond of change however they will embrace it, however if you are a foe or even a friend of a Imperion it is likely that you are for life.

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