Godess of Magic

Mother of the Isis people.
Guardian of the dreaded gate.
Protector of the ice lands.
The graceful dancer.

Isis is has a curious relationship with her people, she is not aloft yet she often seen among her people and she has never made an attempt to wipe out Opius whom capture her people as slaves.
Some suggest weakness others suggest forgiveness.

She is always seen at births, her touch relieves pain of the mother.
It is for this reason that there are almost no orphans in Isis.
The other time she appers but not always is at weddings.
Isis weddings are far different to any other cultures, they are very informal and there is no age limit.
All weddings are for the Isis people is a promise to one person and the accepting of that promise and the same promise reversed.
After that a new symbol is added to the braid and the wedding is finshed.
If Isis appers at such a union many consider it a mating for life.

Her children are much less considered there own devine begins and more aspects of her.
Such as Sela the Dancer, however the older they get more like her they become and they are noted for how they are not like her, Rina the Unforgiving.
The men however are considered arbiters, police and peace keepers.
Unlike most cultures the men are highly coperative the severity of each incedent calls for more men, not just in policing but the more complicated a matter brought to them the more minds they wish to be in agreement over the judgement.

As for offical worship of her, she does not call for it.
It is given in shows of respect and they consider her a godess it is a part of there culture and can not be removed.

Outside of Isis domain she considered the master of magic still but there are some differences.
Some think she is the land as in Snow lands of Isis and gives the power of magic to people. Other consider her as the terriable wyrm of the north.


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