City Population: 8,000 Government: Military

Jarmion is the was the second largest city in all of Tartilia but, is now known more as a date in the history books more than once great city it was.
Jamion was once home to Barzons largest army outside of the captial until in the year of 90 A.F Imperious forces attacked it during the seris of conquests to be known as Slaughter blitz.
Jamion was perhaps the most perpared for this battle it had 10,000 troops stattioned in the area.
When the attack came rather than Imperions storming the gate, they first set fire to the various house, wearhouse and stores in the city though very few troops made it through this way it started to sow chaos into the cities ranks.
The soilders were a mix of Barzonian loyalists and people loyal to the King Minos who was known as good king.
When this chaos started to take hold people looked to get orders from the king to see what to do, when word spread that king had been killed on the field of battle mixed orders came through Barzionian commanders and those of the local commander under Minos.
This culliminated to the fall of Jamion, it was also rumoured that there was a great and terriable fight to the north of the city happing at the same time as the attack.

Whatever was happening what did happen was bloodbath.
This is where Imperions had there greatest loses in there campaign the slaughter blitz was ended here.
Even though the Imperions caused greater harm than what they took they took lost almost thousand troops here, and had twice that in injured almost none of the imperions walked away without injury.

Dispite this they managed to break the Jamion forces.
They took to flight and most of them ended up going to Red Cliffs.

The city was so badly destroyed for the most part those that stayed had less than those that left.
The citizens that live there now are a mix of Imperion troops and Jamionians.
The city of Jamion now Imperion territory but they are not reciving recuits from the area, those that are there are there are Imperions only in name though they grow there crops for Imperious, they do it begrudingly.

There is rumours that King Minos infant son was saved during the attack and would now be old enough to lead the city again.

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