The light is a belife in what is good or so they say.
Instincts can lead you astray.
We want to be good but is the urges that send you away from the light.
Those dark desires that turn you from being a person of virtue to a sinner.

All one must do is what is right.

The light is a relgion about community and community support and community supporting indviduals.
The concept is as such.
We want to do good but our body betrays our minds, with lustful thoughts and sinful deeds.
Those that want to die unto the light and be one with pardise must rid themselves of all sinful deeds.
The idea is if your actions would hurt another even to elevate yourself they are wrong,
If your actions would cause hurt to many and help few they are wrong.
If your actions would hurt few and help many, you are looking at things to simply.

Many follow this relgion due to it's charity and it's do unto others as you would have done unto yourself attidue.
This prevails over the many different sub sects within the relgion.
And they are as such.

The one God.
The trinity.
The virtues.

Some have some over lap, The virtues with both however the concept of one and trinity often come into conflict.
They believe in cremation for obious reasons.

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