On the Fifth of Saffron, unknown forces attacked Sao Lous.
There intitions are unknown, what is known is that the attack involved the group later to be known as 'state sanctioned slaughters' SSS for short were there at the time also someone was able to by pass the magical defences of Sao Lous for a second time.

On the Fifth of Saffron, the 'State sanctioned slaughters' made a counter offensive on the rebel/freedom fighters of Sao Lous, reports of successful attacks on Imperion bars had been flooding the city, however with the lock down still in place alchol was in high demand.
Some claim that it was not the 'SSS' whom were behind this but it was the Imperion responce and they happened to be the first of many counter attacks.

On the Eighth of Saffron a highly planned counter attack was made this is where the 'State Sanctioned Slaughters' first 'earned' there name before there had been rumblings and such but nothing soild.
The SSS attacked a high level rebel/freedom fighter base. There sudden and decive strike caused vital infomation ussal destroyed during such an attack to be found.

From this the Imperion military of Sao Lous made a seris of sudden raids on varis locations.
Dispite the fractured nature of the rebels/freedom fighters it is thought that they hit enough sites as to cause the colapse of the movement.
With resouces and major players removed, all of the other supporters fell to being grumbling noise makers at worst.

The SSS is also rumoured to be involved in a down town incedent which caused major damage to buildings in the area.
If this was the result of Imperion weapon testing or magical misfire is unknown. What is known is that two members of the SSS were seen leaving the area.

On the Tenth of Saffron a new General was named, a one General Galin Altrop.
Also the nation of Imperious public denines the name State Sactioned Slaughters and renames the the Scions of Sao lous Salvation.

On the Eleventh of Saffron all of the SSS are known to leave Soa Lous.
The prim rose also leaves on this date for unknown bussiness in the Artizil, many officals make protest with the lack of navy after the loses on Howling monday.

On the Thirteenth of Saffron the cyclon Xavier passed by harmlessly, releatively, no house were destroyed or boats, only minor damage and flooding in the north of Argoth


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