I (being SpamCreateWater / Corey) play the Argoth Dwarf, Dewthe DuerTor. As you read through my stuff, keep in mind that this is my first D&D character and as I'm writing this I'm still hazy on rules... though that doesn't stop me from attempting to bend them (and reality) at times.

Dewthe, being my first attempt at raining chaos on this campaign, was originally named Dewde until Henry realised what it sounded like.

DuerTor meaning Dark Soul in Dwarven. Self explanatory if you read the Bio as Dewthe is a disciple of Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

As my user name suggests, I have a favourite spell and like to use it at the most inopportune times during the quest, at least until I am asked by the DM, "Are you sure you want to do that?", which, translated for those of you less gifted with the use of leading questions, means, "You realise that if you Create Water on top of this dignitary, who, as you know very well, is a dragon, you will die?"

Pelennafrey (our frail Isis Elf mage... no idea how to spell her name as SOME PEOPLE KEEPING CHANGING SPELLING ON NAMES) is often a target during our frequent disagreements. The fact that it is a cantrip and with the whole unlimited cantrips per day, amounts to no end of chaos when I need a perk up.

I've found Dewthe to be a great first character to play, and moreso now that I have almost completed my racial feat tree, as he is incredibly hard to kill. Which basically means I can cause havoc and be able to get away with it.

He has 129 health at level 11; moves a base speed of 8 squares or 40 feet (with an option to get another 10 feet from a "Regional" feat); can cast both Darkness and Deep Darkness; can see in complete and magical Darkness; can heal very well, with bonuses coming from the amulet he wears effectively doubling self healing; his exaggerated spellcasting and certain spells he gains through the Pride bloodline; and last but definitely not least, his racials which are nothing short of brilliant and were leaning towards broken before a nerf by Henry and myself. However, none of the sh*t stirring would be possible without Henry being such a flexible DM, so kudos to him. I mean, where else in Pathfinder could a level 9 stop time for no other reason than because he couldn't believe he was being beaten? I will be very cranky though, if I can't Moonbolt the next boss to death.

As I continue with Dewthe, I  hope to get him to Chaotic Evil alignment as I  figure the next character I  make will either be a goody goody or neutral with no intentions of going down the path of depravity I am wishing to with Dewthe. I also should add in here how much fun it is to RP  a disciple of Pride (BlackStar from Soul Eater has to be this guys student The self confidence, and as an extension self deception, that can be reached is amazing if you play it right.


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