Small city Population: 30,000 Government: Military

Oldia is the largest port before Sao Lous and mainly people use it as there stop from changing from ship to caravan there.
Oldia is now an Imperion town the further most taken during the slaughter blitz of 89-90 A.F

During late 89 A.F Olida was attacked by Imperious.
However this was not the standard attack that the people of Olida had been expecting.
There was an attack from the south a sizable force in the opion of the Olidians, they broke the Imperion forces and chased them back there boats which they burnt.
However unfornately for the local Olidians this was but a feint from the the cunning General Solheme Zenko.
He sacraficed those troops so he could have a hidden southern force take the docks wile his northern force took the roads and killed any remaining resistance to his occupation.
The majority of army returned to fire and dug in Imperion force.
Few fought them most ran.

However in the years since Olida has still prospered.
Infact dispite being a conqured town Olida has come to enjoy many of the benfits Imperion rule, reduced crime and banditry.
Many traders prefer to lodge from carvan to ship here, as it causes less hassles in the Iron Fist Sea ruled by a fiercely aggressive Imperion navy.

Imperious is also enjoying a small but sizable number of recruits coming to them.
However any that join from this area are taken to the town of Vigilance which some locals still curse the name of.

The General of the Fourth house of Imperious is often known to vist this area it is rumoured that one or more of his family members live in this area.

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