Population: 12,000 Government: Tyrant/Military

Opius has been the home of the Black Howl and Its three captains over the past sixty years.
The first of the great Captains Tarteno killed a black dragon of epic portions with a group of adventurers and then made the Black Howl from its remains.
Bill of the Bloody fist killed Tarteno in a coo and took the Black Howl form himself he became feared and respected on the sea, acting as police of the sea rather than bandits, though non-humans were either killed on sight by the pirates of the bloody fist or taken as slaves.
Billed died during the great forgetting in Grand Port to the common folk this remains a mystery.
After the forgetting the Black Howl is lead by Lorenza the Flash, Lorenza is associated with the crystal plague some say she is the cure others say she is the cause of it, she is known for her hated of Imperious.

The town is home to pirates and traders. The town itself does not actually make that much beside fishing and alcohol.

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