Darmbreth Orcs

The Orcs of Darmbreth live in the wilds of Dambreth.

The wilds of Damrbeth prove everything that the orcs believe in.

The strong live and the weak die
Strength is everything to an orc, it is the physical manifestation mastery over your environment.
Strength can only be earned and never given.

Strength can not be inherited
Strength can be taken as it can be earned.
The elves relie on family and there blasphemous allies.
The elves and orcs will be diametrically opposed in physicality, mentality and spirituality

Wile some think of Orcs purely as brutes, they think of themselves as honest.
Looking at life through a Darmbreth Orc's eyes it would seem absurd that there are such soical hierachies as nobles, kings and other foppish people ruling those whom are stronger than them.
Money seems to be next to meanless to them, they understand it's worth this for sure at times when there have been challanges that others may call ransom they always no just the right ammount to ask.
However the problem is they don't value it, money to them seems like it would me be much better as a sword or as something useful.

Dispite some people saying Orcs of Darmbreth are dim witted at best they are highy adpative.
There language speaks as such, it is a pigeon of whatever other region they are closest to and there own language.
Any Orc is understood the second time they speak to someone, as they watch for ques of the people, as well as 'stealing' there words, when closer to Narvo than Artizil there tounge resembles something very close to Narvo and when the oppeset they have very Artizil sounding tounge.

Dispite there burtal nature some culturally curious such as myself have found there societies are not patriarchal nor are they matriarchal it changes from tribe to tribe.
Though pregnant females are known to have hightend levels of agression.
Because of this a tribes garb is often unisex, some times disturbingly so with the female toga.

They have a strange kinship with nature.
Claiming an affinity for it yet at the same time they speak of it always trying to kill them.
It is for this reason that they seem to hate cities or at least those whom still have tribes to go back too.

Though some say there nothing but burtes, I see it as a very strange culture that we may never be able to understand.

Playing a Darmbreth Orc

+4 Strength +2 Constution -2 Charisma, and -2 to Wisdom, Intellgence or Charisma. 'The Orcs of Darmbreth are strong robust people. However such work on pychical takes away from the mental. Some are viciously anti social others dim witted and others still reckless to the point of fearlessness and foolishness.

Normal Speed Darmbreth have a base speed of thirty feet

Dark Vision Orcs of Dambreth go into the deepest deepths of Dambreth to avoid attack and launch assualts on the elves, Orcs of Dambreth have dark vision sixty feet.

Orcish Ferocity Orcs of Dambreth may ignore there wounds even if at below zero, for one round. After this all effects take place.

Blow of Darmbreth before you attack you may declare you are using the blow of dambreth ability, this may be used with any attack even magical attacks. When you do you add your strength bonus to each dice rolled. You may use this ability ability three times per day. This ability must be declared before you make an an attack, this means if you miss your use of this ability is wasted.

Weapon Familiarity Dambreth Orcs are Familar with great axe, great swords and spears also they treat any weapon with the word Orcish or Dambreth in as a marhsal weapon (This does not apply Tebnet Orcish weapons as these are Tebnet weapons rather than Orcish weapons)

'Pack Nature' Orcs have a pack mentality and quickly tend recognize there Alpha with easy however being of poor social edict and understanding of others nature mickery is what they fall back to in any given situation with an Alpha also they will almost always follow the majority of there 'tribe' does unless it is showing weakness then it means that they must challange for alpha.
In combat a Darmbreth Orc must pass a DC10 will save +2 for each other party member that has attacked a target or they attack that target, this is compounded by an additional +2 if the parties 'Alpha' has attacked, if this has not been deciced out of game it is the party member with the highest charisma. In addition if there are multiable checks to be made it will always fall upon the highest DC save will be the target for this round.

Example Round two Orc and three other party members last round two party members attack one person. Despite the fact that this person is on low hit points, So Orc must pass a DC 16 will check 2 times two for each party member plus an additional two for his alpha or attack the target.

Role playing note: This means that whom ever the alpha is they will mimic in any social situation they are not familar with.
Being a 'genderless' society this can cause some confusion when Orcs mimic the nature of their alpha is of the oppest sex, curtsying in lue of bowing and such.

Haterd of Weakness Darmbreth quickly sorts the strong from the weak paying in a toll of death.
Because of this Darmbreth Orcs have no sympathy for the weak (physical stat), because of this they suffer -2 pentally to deplomacy rolls to interact with characters with lower strength scores than there own.
If the character they are interacting with has less than half there strength their is an additional -2 modifer.
The execption is if they are an underling or below them.

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