Peter Rendeth A.K.A Guts

Early Life

He started life as many half orcs do abandoned, he was pick up in Grand Port by a man named Charles Rendeth (a humanist) who was running an orphanage at the time, before Charles left the orphanage he also pick up Lowensa a little Val'Shar girl at the request of Heart and Ka'shar and the rest of the orphans.The half orc gained the nick name Guts from Charles due to his 'tenacious behavior'.Charles then took the children to Barzon where he found some Val'Shar to take in Lowensa, The two would meet later in life. After a time Charles became founder of Guts for all his non-human flaws he did have one aspect in him that Charles could take pride in his wrath, Charles started to train Guts as a humanist after a time, the other member of Charles cult got word of this and he left their ranks, but not their religion. Guts training was not so much about the formal part of the religion of humanity,but of course it was involved as much as Charles would have had it another way orcish blood swaim through his vains and he was destained to be a warrior as no doubt his absent ancestor were. Guts child hood and training were insueler as Charles only taught Guts the tongue of the Artaizal, despite having only had Charles to talk to and the odd traveler who spoke the language Guts saw the world differently, he saw the 'good' in people as he believed that human nature was not evil at all. After he had completed his training Guts and Charles traveled to the Grand Port to spread the Darkness.

Adventuring LIfe

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