Sol'heme is a very driven person maybe more so than Dewthe.

Capture Larroth. Now Sol'heme is unsure of what to do in regard to his brother, he doesn't want too

drag him back to Darmbreth, nor does he want to fight him or the slayers.

Kill, Neturalize, Incapacitate or Bring FaceMan to the Third, this problem is solved momentarily

though to what end it will achieve remains unknown.

Rebuild the Zenko Clan (and make sure Natasumi changes her name), still working on it.

Master My New Form, He knows the basics. Just needs to work towards mastery

Find out weather my new form with increase or decrease my lifespan, Becoming more important now.

Remind the New Age they Failed. Real don't know about this one any more Sol'heme is pondering about ending the war

in Darmbreth.

KILL THE FUCKING PANTHERS and Possibly the Weird Elder. Things have changed slightly since I've got some

under my command perhaps not kill them, just don't let them replace the elves.

Sort out that Sao Lous Place, still working on it.

Sink, Bury or Take the Black Whowl (still thinking about this one) well this one has become much easier

for me as I've kill Lowensa the Flash.

Become a member of Darmbreth's Reuin or the Champion of either Scar or Selinea or Darmbreth's Champion Due to recent developments this may change.

See my Master in grand port again, sorry master Sol'heme has surpassed you.

Get a new master in Impreious.

Get a comic book (Manga) in production about the SSS (Saviours obviously)

Find out Faceman's end game

Open, Close, leave ajar or leave alone "The Gate"

Get some real magic items ones with alittle EMPH

Start a profit generating business in imperious "Gilfar's and Sol'heme's weapon imporium" maybe?

Destory all circlar shape buildings and magic circles

Meet the Trinity see what all the fuss is over (hopefully live)

Make sure anyone that does the "Bill whistle" dies

Find out what this "Concil" is

Get my own little band following me to what cause yet is unknown the ones that come to mind are a kill the new age band, the we don't want to be replaced none human society, unmasking the consil, the new Scions of Sao Lous Salvation just to make sure we have some guys doing the right thing when we leave, my crew of the red rose and The Darmbreth Rangers.

Find out why Sarah killed a cleric of darkness, Dewthe and Sol'heme may be talking about this in future to make sure he has everything "Under Control" 

Get our latest child star to stop being called runt, find out alittle bit about the girl make sure Sarah doesn't kill her

Invent Ducktape

After resucing General Lee (or Generaly) reconsaile with fire-heart ... as we don't need more enemies poping up to bite us in the arse and Sol'heme doesn't want to get anymore blood on his hands in imperious


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