This section is for previous plans I had for Dewthe that have either fallen through, been made moot, or are completed.

Defeat Faceman's plans.

Dewthe was, in the early stages of adventuring and whether he liked it or not, a pawn of Faceman's. Before his power (or ego) as a disciple of Pride completely surfaced, Dewthe was cowed by Faceman's obvious level of threat to his own life and so, justifiably, assisted him in his goals. However, after Faceman announced his plan of becoming a god, Dewthe took it as a personal slight against himself and decided he would either absorb more of the Six Aspects than Faceman, or destroy as many as possible.

This has been, to an extent, completed. Faceman is within the grasp of the Dragon Hunters and is encased in a magic prison.

Surpass Guts and take Carnage for himself.

After the display of unbelievable power that Dewthe saw from Guts and Carnage during their assault on the Church of Darkness, Dewthe has decided he will surpass Guts and take Carnage for himself. Unbeknownst to him Carnage is a holy relic, the Sword of Five Elements, which was stolen from its previous owners.

He is currently more focussed, and rightfully so, on surpassing Guts. The more he learns about Guts, the more terrifying his power and reach is unveilled to be.

After an encounter with the Divine Aspect, Dewthe's mentality surrounding Guts has changed. He now has no intent to kill Guts nor steal Carnage from him, however, he still slightly covets the sword.

Find and kill Ansella.

Ansella was a young dwarven female Dewthe fell in love with while he lived amongst his brethren of Argoth at Terenol. Unbeknownst to him, she was twisted and turned against him by someone she had an infatuation for, Aron, Dewthe's rival at Terenol. Ansella humiliated Dewthe in front of his peers and elders which caused him, inundated with grief from her betrayal, to turn to Pride for strength. While Dewthe was becoming an avatar of one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Ansella was in turn being publicly humiliated and disgraced by Aron. Not knowing this Dewthe returned to Terenol and, upon finding Ansella had fled, mistook her actions and chased after her. Somewhere between Terenol and Grand Port he lost her trail but continued doggedly on, finally coming into contact with the rest of the party, where his legend began.

After the run in with the Divine Aspect, Dewthe is now at peace with the pain Ansella caused him. Well, at peace enough to not want to seek her out and kill her. He is fighting an internal battle where he still wishes to find her, but only to understand why she did and to see what she has made of herself; however, he also just wants to let it all go.


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