God Commander - Imperious

General - 1st to 6th House

Brigadier General



Lietenant Colonel



Lieutenant - 1st to 3rd


Sergeant Major

Sergeant - 1st to 3rd


Private - 1st to 3rd



Imperion ranks may apper simple to others however their is a complexity and layering system which would may any burcrat giddy with delight.
Due to the fact that everyone is in the military even farmers have ranks and some times they out rank their purely marshal breathern however that does not mean that they will always be able to give orders to them."

An Imperion of another house is not able to give orders to that of an other officer in another house.
There are execeptions to this rule.
1. In a time of war when a house is at war and you are in their command zone.
1.a Command Zone is when a ethier the House is leading the fight or had the default highest commander, Example one, A lower ranking house is waging a war, you are in this area. Example two, You are of a higher ranking house waging a war after a conflict the highest ranking officer is of another house.
2. When you are in another house's city, not region but city their laws must always be upheld and you must always follow their orders unless they are in direct violation of your own.
3. Imperious has declared war, ranks go buy house ranking also, if there is a Colonel of the first, third and fifth house, the third house Colonel would always have to obey commands from they first house Colonel, the fifth house would always have to obey commands from both the third and first house Colonel unless the third house contradicted the first in which case he follows the first.


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