City Population: 48,000 Government: Military Sao Lous, the unlucky town with a smile.

Sao Lous was originally formed by a combination of fishing and farming communities and pirates of the Argoth coast. Sao Lous was formed sporadically and had a formal navy until most of the pirates of the Argoth coast could not face them and signed a peace treaty four generation ago. Sao Lous is unique in the fact that it is a large community that it formed a democracy out of seeming necessity rather than ethical reasons. In the previous generation the strategic brilliance of General Ember-heart allowed Imperious to take Sao Lous in one swoop and on this day the fifth house of Imperious was formed. After taking control of the navy General Ember-heart lead the newly found Imperion navy against the naval forces of the Grand Port, the General lost his life in the conflict and the Imperion navy retreated back to Sao Lous after his death.

Soa Lous, the famous trade stop between the trade routs of Barzon and Grandport.

Sao Lous has had a turbulent history. Originally a fishing village with no real distinctive features. However as the village grew like all human based cities of note, there where no dragon attacks. Being a safe place to harbor on long trips from Barzon to Grand Port or vice verse it became more of a trade town than a fishing village. Over time an aristocracy rose, born out of the merchants that had done well and ether settled or those who were local and had done well with each ship that came by and traded. Many people no longer considered these people true Argoth's because there was a commoners mentality of constant hardship, due to being with in these three super powers of Imperious, Grand Port and Barzon one of them would make claims of wrong doing to another skirmishes would ensue and the Argoth's were the ones who payed the most their villages turned to battle grounds. So also suggested that they were stuck between four super powers considering how many pirates roamed the sea and came and raided.

Over time Argoth's felt disconnected with the wealth of Louser's, as they no longer shared their hardships. For a time things worked, the marketers, traders and aristocracy of Sao Lous made many connections with many cities being known as a neutral ground. And the common man had a good life. Until 68 A.F the Imperious armies made a three pronged attack on Sao Lous, coming from the north, south and east. Perhaps if they had been able to rally their defenses Sao Lous may have had an adequate defense however Imperious agents sabotaged the cities defenses by destroying the thieves guild and killing all of it's members taking vital informative resources from Sao Lous as well as covertly taking advanced watching posts.

Some histories which remain untainted by Imperious influence have the events folding out very differently. Some see it as a taking down of a tall poppy because it rose to high thinking better of itself than others, many Argoth's whom had sold there hard earned grain only to be tricked by silver tounged merchants or have sons lured by the call of the city which promised gold rather than sliver and fine meats rather than hard earned vegetables saw it as the cities comeuppance. They found great irony in the fact that it was the noble estate which was turned to the battle ground before any other.

Others had far more grim view. A recount recovered by a little girl that arrived in the port. Scrap of paper used for diary entry "The block men came from every where they looked like my blocks only moving, daddy got really scared and the a woman came around corner she was bleeding their were fishing spears all threw her leg but they were shorter than dads spears. Dad picked her up and he picked me up and then he started running, he kept running even when the block men speared his legs with there boat spear (picture of cross bow and picture of harpoon gun).

Daddy threw me on a ship it hurt daddy had never hurt me before, the woman soon landed next to me her ears were strange and she smelled funny not fish daddy said "Take care of my daughter that will be payment for your life" And then (long line drawn, page is ripped from some larger book, only known documented eye witness evidence)

These tactics made Imperious feared for not just their armies but also for there mentality of cover every contingency. Many had known that Sao Lous had been on their agenda for many years however nothing happened. Sao Lous had now become a port city for Imperious more over Imperious only port city. The first few years under Imperious rule was hard for the sea faring community of Sao Lous, by contrast it was much better for land based trade.

Imperious always had great armies people knew this however taking to the roads they made better police than anyone had ever suspected over the next year they rooted out many bandits whom had preyed upon passing merchants and grown fat in the process, none were a match for the well trained might of the Imperious army. Many caravans feared losing all of there stock. However most only found the solider curious coming from inland never seeing the 'wonders' of distant lands they looked at their wears and moved on, refusing bribes, payment or even to trade. Upon entering Sao Lous they found now that they had to pay import tax many found this far more acceptable than the many 'taxes' that they had to pay to bandits.

By contrast the Seas which had been once favoured by the residences of Sao Lous where much different, many said the invasion had cursed the sea, having particularly bad year. The Imperions did not care wood was there primary concern they had taken all of the local boat craftsmen and drafted them into the military many saw this a bless compared to the other people merely left lingering in the city streets having limited access to the harbor, not aloud to leave the city limits. Perhaps Imperious feared organization into a rebellion others thought it was more cruel, they simply want to show the old city whom was the new dog in town at best others thought they simple did it out of spite. In one year the Imperions had made a fine navy but sailors they were not. The land locked soldiers had no sea legs. They recruited many people those early days.

However there was one fully operational, fully Imperion naval unit, upon news filtering to Sao Lous of Grand Ports change of guard with Grand Convergence losing favour and the Tower of the Artizil stepping in to take their place, the Imperious navy was to escort a lone merchant vessel to Grand Port.

The Fleet however had some sort of malfunction with the capital ship plowing into two others one was the completely destroyed the other had major damage, the capital ship took minor damage. The most notable lose of the fleet was that of General Jaymar, the visionary whom devised the plan to take Sao Lous. After this a much older less ambiguous Commander was promoted to General due to his relations with the rest of the city. General Leigh. However this loss caused significant damage to the image of Imperions on the high sea. There ridged tactics were blamed for the lose.

Sao Lous had a boom as over the next five years a large number of Captain were brought into Sao Lous for the purpose of training men and heading up ships in the new fleet even if they weren't truly in command. Most notable among these Captain Korsov, having sired up trouble in both Barzon and Grand Port but have contacts in each the Imperions doubted he would defect and he was a true believer in there cause.

It was his work here that made significant inroads in fixing some of there naval problems. The pirate ships of old where massive ships containing catapults and balistias some had even sported dwarven cannons. However due to the Imperion mentality they designed new ships. Part frigate, part oar driven these boats were designed with speed as the key to there design along with steal heads used for ramming and boarding other vessels.

Ten years on from the original attack the now Imperious city of Sao Lous was known for being a safe place to travel by sea or by land. Many merchant fleets contracted the Imperious navy to escort them beyond there boarders due to the risks beyond the Iron Fist sea.

However during the Month of the Shield(Imperious Calender), 89 AF there was a massive attack on Sao Lous. A massive explosion allowed mega ship 'The Black Howl' to barrel through the city gates and bring with it a huge pirate fleet. The attack was disorganized and chaotic however it caught the city off guard, the response was quick and sever. Upon losing more than half of it's forces the pirate fleet retreated. Massive damage to infrastructure became the point of order. After a short period of time it became clear that there had many pirates that were ether stranded or had deliberately left to cause havoc in the city.

Many Imperious soldiers were killed in terrorist attacks, using surprise hit and run tactics leaving almost no survives in their wake. This cause a swift and brutal response, the government gave new rights to powerful semi-religious/semi-political group whom earned their name over the coming week as the state sanctioned slaughters. This group did what many other had failed to do rooting out completely all active political terrorist. Few were left for trial those that were hung for reckless endangerment of human life. Later this group would be blamed for a political assassination of General, in-sighting riots, public unrest and raising of arms against sovereign Imperious cities. Despite all of the accusations, the group remained in good standing with the current administration of Liegh Generalship. Some non citizens of Imperious but Lousers suggested that the army had brought it upon itself "Unleashing a dog to savage to control" Other Imperions suggested a messiah or prophet like character being among them rallying Imperions through tough times however more ludicrous still the tale of broken bottles where Dewthe the dark one is said to of healed many imperions.

It was after this time that some residents claimed that they were true argoths ruled by Imperious or not. Sao Lous suffered more bad luck being struck by the crystal plague. For many months people were hunted hounded and corralled in quarantined section of the town. Some tried to escape only to be cut down it is rumoured that at this time that church of darkness secretly brought food to the people of this area.

This was put to and end after Sao Lous saw the coronation of Sol'heme Zenko as General of the Sixth house (since then his house has risen to that of the fourth house.) He ordered his troop Dewthe the Dark one to cure the plague (however some say this was only a trick as it reappeared almost a year later.

After this Sol'heme took many troops and ships from the town for his conquest. For a time the city was peaceful only sending food and provisions down to the troops in the south. However this was soon to end ironically at the end of the Generals conquest.

There was orders sent up the line that Darkness church was to be burnt to the ground and all of it's followers were to be hung. Many Imperions had been helped by the church in one way or another. The church was indeed burnt down however not a single members was captured for hanging. This however was a temporary reprieve for them. It said that they attempted to kill the loved General Liegh. It was at this time when General Sol'heme and his second Solom was in the city. Rumours persist of horrible screeching screams and darkness filling the lantern lit streets those nights. What is known that Secretary Sandria was found killed cover by girl child. However in the reports it was cover by woman.

Many members of the darkness were found dead the following morning. A few months later there was reports of the crystal plague. However this time everyone was rounded up with ease thinking they would be cured. They were all killed by a crossbow bolt to the heart. Then there house were burnt to the ground.

After this General Sol'heme announced it was with a heavy heart that he would lose his best man to the fifth house the house taught him he would give them General Solom. Solom was quickly accepted as the new general after he claimed Terenole and new expanses of farm land, he produced a prodigious number of fishing vessels and made the town prosper again. It said that he is often visited by General Sol'heme and that they are the only two houses with good relations, often fourths will take leave to Sao Lous and it has become a popular destination for Imperions to visit wile on leave.

Sao Lous now believes it self a part of Imperious as much as the capital itself and is known as. Sao Lous, the unlucky town with a smile.


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