After escaping Hope-less
The adventures were offered a deal by 'Face-man' they were offered to go back in time before the most traumatic events.
After this we 'the adudiance' saw four different people, Gilfar's trainers name was revealed to be Gilfar, the nameless woman whom had always adopted title over name whom was on the black howl siged a breath of releif, the masked man at the side of Darmbreth was asked was there something wrong when he changed his pose slightly in responce he replied I can't remember and finally the sliver haired man with the golden eyes haldern looked on through a strange glass shard, "how can this be, they did not go back, [b]HE[/b] did not go back" he turned away.

The adventures started a camp.
During the night the spotted a human carvan, the people were escaping an attack famers and soilders had been attacked Argoth Dwarves and a Blue Dragon.
After some tracking the adventures discovered that the Argoth Dwarves had used a nearby river to stage there attack.


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