The group foiled an attack by pirates? perhaps members of the light or converts on an imperious tavern.
By the name of the crown and corset.
All of the pirates were killed. Dead with no hopes of revival.
After this they found a 'speckled' yellow coloured symbol of the black howl.

Then the party went and they met Haldern
An old Argoth dwarf.
He informed the party that he was here before the 'invasion' but the Imperions did not wish to kill him because it would cause more than acceptable loses but made clear they would if they had to.
So he agreed not to get involved.
He then reviled that the colour Cadmium yellow, was a trade mark colour of the light, specifically the grand convergence.
Also that those spossed speckls were a seris of triangle linking dots.

 After this, the party recouperated.

The party then did some research and discovered an area in the city where the sewers would be large enough to hide some people from the region the attacks had been happening in the players figured it would be in this area.
After making an unsuccessful raid, the discovered a clue that lead to the owl and bear tavern.

Here they discovered a halfing who informed the party after some figuring that he was the travel partner of the genius.
Also he relayed that this is a metting spot of varis resistance members.
Also he relayed that there was a spot he was to goto so that if he was in trouble he could be safe.
It was at this point in time that Duth had spot of 'plot point' realization.
And he began to run to the closest imperion bar where there was an attack happening.

The 'immortal' then attacked the pirates out of annoyance.
Due to the unsuccessful nature of the last attack, the 'Trinity of Dusk'  or 'the Dusk of Dusk'

(trinties come in three forms and are later broken down by three making a total of nine trinities at any one time. first the Dawn, then noon and then Dusk. each represents the skill set of that trinity, for example a trinty of Noon of Noon is likely to be a very combat focused group, noon is a time when the sun is at it's peak so there skills will be blatent.
But on the other hand Dusk is a time when the sun is falling so it is likely that these people have a 'shadey' skill set.
They are likely to have contacts with the less savoury members of society, the ability to avoid the law and such.
Dawn, Dawn on the other hand is when sun is first rising so this where sun is first hiting the realm, thus it means that it brings the most hope, you can expect to see insperational people inside this trinity people whom rally people to the cause of the Convergence.

There is all the inbetweens. but that would take to long)

The trinity was there to make a suprise attack on whom ever made the last counter attack in hopes of killing them so this strategy could contuine if not then they would have to fine a new way of making attacks.
However when they attacked the 'immortal' they found out that he was much more than they expected.
So they ran.
The players exhausted went and checked the tavern.
Finding dead pirates and wounded Imperions they healed the Imperions and decided to make a move.

After tending to the taverns issues, they moved on to the location provided by the halfing.
After dealing with a lone lookout they moved on to a small shanty town.
This had a mish mash of people there.
Old nobles and merchants whom had gone underground during the attack funding the resistance to a noble minded arcanist whom wished to free the people with a dogmatic view on what must be done and all the shades of grey inbetween.

After a quick and bloody battle the day was the parties.
they killed most of them.
only four of the tweleve had lived.
After this the party contacted the Imperions in the area.
the Imperions cleaned up the area wile they hurriedly followed the only clue they found on the arcanist.
That the genius was meeting up with trinity that was helping them.

Upon arriving they found a rather annoyed 'immortal' and the 'genius' Victoria aruging.
The immortal made a bet that without having to fight those two could decide who was better.
The 'immortal' backed the party and Victora backed the Trinity.
The Trinity was much more capable than the party realised killing the Orc that had recently joined them severally injuring Duth and injured Gilfar.
In the end the mind was attacked by three people and a panther and was finally killed.

After this Victoria announced that the immortal was a 'dick' and that he had to die.
After this Victoria began fighting the 'immortal' how ever it quickly became clear that the 'immortal' was a much better combatant than victoria.
Pellnafray helped here after this she was hit [b]twice[/b] by the 'immortal'
then Duth healed Pellnafray, then healed Victoria.
After this the 'immortal' attacked Duth 'twice'
After this they finshed the circle and then Gilfar got hit four times by the immortal.
Then they caused him enough pain to stop his power from being full fuctional this also seemed to sap him of strength.
They then dragged him to almost the center then duth and a combined effort of Sol'hem, Gilfar and the Immortals own blunder drove him to the center.

A blue light appered which caused shock waves of energy which sent Sol'hem flying as well as Duth.
Plennafray hung onto Gilfar for sometime.
After this the immortal tried to get away and plennafray usimg the last of her magic killed the 'immortal'

After this they went to see the General Leigh.
Leigh said that they had done a good job.
And that some people had been pacified, and that they would be well rewarded when next the went to their deposit boxes.

They walked off to the Crown and Corset.


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