Party starts at the crown and corset.
They do some research into the town about to be attacked.

They decied the best corse of action is to goto the town before any attack.
Upon finding out that they are being followed they decide that the best corse of action is to leave covertly.
They research a number of possiabilties, the primary focus is that of the sewers.
Dewthe, researcheds more behind the strange building they discovered in grand port.
They discover a way out via the sewers.
During this time Solhem went to Command 'Captain' Korsov, knowning he was being followed he requested that the captain goto his quaters for the coversation.
Dispite his pleas, Korsov does not accpet his plea, solhems subtle style does not convince him.
The rest of the party come back to the prim rose.
Dewthe heads the arguement, telling Korsov that the general has ignoble intent with the children there.
After inlisting the captain's aid they are off.

Upon existing the city and approching the village, Gilfar and Solhem fall into a pit trap, rats swarm in from holes in the trap attempting to eat the two.
At this time, ankhegs burst forth from the earth and attempt to kill Dewthe and Plentafray.
Plenafray used a new spell to avoid these monsters.
She then removed Gilfar from the hole and then Gilfar faught the insectlike beasts.
After a quick few decive strikes the insect like beasts were killed.
No one knew what it was about but they all noted that it was strange.

After this they ran into a a group of halfings.
There was a very friendly halfing there, so friendly infact that they felt impeld to talk to him.
Not only that for some reason they, spoke the truth without thinking about it.
After this someone insulted the halfing. suddenly for a mere moment hey grew a growling voice that was deeper than his stature should have allowed.
After some farewells they moved on.

Upon going to the village, a group burst forth from the bushes. A group of Argoth dwarves burst forth and questioned the group. After a few questions the group realized that there is a dragon among the Argoth dwarves.
After the dwarves questioned them they were off on their way.

Then after this they talked to the villages explained they were on leave and wanted to see the sights of the contry side.
The villages accepted this explation.
After this people went to do varis tasks, Gilar helped with the still, Plenafray talked to the children, and Dewthe milled about.
Solhem however went hunting and found more than he was expecting a half dozen bears being lead by a druid on a dinosaur.
After being discovered by sent, Solhem flew off into the trees the bears giving chase.

The villages explained something was coming they all went to there shelters. After this Solhem burst forth from the trees and then shortly after the bears came through causing rampaging distruction.
They proceeded to fight a desprate battle the bears proved to be quite the threat not like normal bears these were on a rampage, they tore through the barn killing all of the horse though the sides of house attempting to eat the masses of farmers in side.
Though a combination of fire power and guts the team manage to make it to the otherside, though not before Solheme unfornate incedent a bear had trapped him and something most horrific had happened.
Though fright and instinct solhem had vomited on the beast but it was more than just that, what should have just been lunch end up being a acidic slime coating and killing the bear. solheme had awakened a draconic side to him.

But there was no time to rest.
Soon the pack master had arrived a strange creature was his mount standing on two powerful legs with steel like talons, lizard like in apperance and most horrific.
He said that he was the protector of this land and would purge it of the evil coming and said to the adventures that you are the vanguard of this evil. So after this he announce that he must rid this land of them and protect the innocent of the land, however it was assertained that perhaps not all of the famers of this land were innocent take that of it what you will.


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