Campaign: Zendrich

Physical Description Edit

Race: Darmbreth Elf

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Age: 17

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 110lb

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green


Class: Scout/Rogue

Alignment: Netrual Good

Deity: Darmbreth

Survivability: Improbable   *nod* YOU GONNA DIE! (Ed:SpamCreateWater)

Other Edit

Homeland: Darmbreth

Languages Known: Darmbreth Elven, Darmbreth Orcish, Artazil, Isis Elven, Draconic Spoken Understood and Spoken, Argoth

Rival: Daichi Chiyo In Barzon Daichi met his end by the hands (breath) of Sol'heme.

Betrothed: Natasumi Hoshin

Brother: Larroth Zenko

Mother: Selena the swift?

Darambreth: Grandfather/Guile

Imperious: Commander/God


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