Godess of Madness
Godess of the Desert
Godess of the Sand
Godess of Volince
Godess of Haterd
The surgerion Godess.
The bleeder Godess

Not much is known about Tebnet.
Those that worship her seem hellbent on keeping others out of her domain.
Those that have left do not speak of her as if invoking her name will bring death.

Recently however there was one elf that ventured into the land of humans hellbent on killing the trinity of the grand convergance
A light belief system.
He gathered allies and then faded into history knowing only that he helped the group that was later to be known as the SSS to make a daring raid on the convergance prison.

He revealed that they do not believe in healing of any kind other than that of the body such witchcraft will earn you mutation at the very least and damnation at worst.
He also spoke of elders whom he had ethier great respect or haterd for.
Some outsiders have connected her to the darkness god of wrath, believing her to be him and living in the empty realm at the center of the world


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