Terresa== Medium town Population: 5000, hierarchy (current:Queen Ralia)

Named after Queen Ralia's late sister the town was establish during the time of purging in Barzon when the golden emperor was awoken and started his war.

The town is forged on the basis of racial equality and acceptance as it was forged by exiles looking for a a place to make a home. the town was establish on (insert date) by Gilfar Pwent and Ralia (lastname) who are now the ruleing king and queen. the town was fortified with the best Angol steel and stone and survives by tradeing with the surrounding city's/town's, aswell as tradeing with the dwarf's at the seasonal times.

Although it has a large farming base it is also a capable fortress, with devistating defences inspired by a large racial base including underground tunnels.

GM edit needs work.

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