Sol'heme views on all of your characters

The Drunk (AKA Gilfar)

Sol'heme considers Gilfar to be a good friend, an expert fighter and a Drunk not to mention an excellent source of cover during a fight. In combat Gilfar is that badass that you can relay on he'll never loss ground and if he does lets face it Sol'heme your dead or at least running very very fast faster than Dewthe you hope. Outside of combat these two don't talk much not to say they don't talk at all but that there isn't much to be said.    

The Egostistical Bearless Dwarf (Dewthe also can be Blackstar depending on the day)

Dewthe that guy that guy that makes death go away, let get this out of the way first Sol'heme fucking loves healing and Dewthe is just full of that stuff. Sol'heme respects Dewthe as he seems to be the outsider of the group and instead of isolating himself he always throws the light back on himself even when the others are talking about Dragons or what not that those in human society just wouldn't like to hear. Sol'heme resepects him as team leader and yes he is very much so the team leader.

The LOUD GIRL (Plelenaphary???????? I dunno i'll ask him next time i see him)

"BAKA!", "Tsuntsun",  also "Urusai!" come to mind when thinking of this person. Sol'heme doesn't like loud people they have a tendancy to get the group killed. He thinks that she very much shows the difference between what it means to be a Darmbreth elf compaired to an Isis elf. She does have redeeming qualities in combat she allows Sol'heme and Gilfar's speed and lack of speed to work together for the group always making sure everyone should be were they should, She also can heal a very redeeming feature as far as Sol'heme is concerned. She unlike the other two is an elf and Sol'heme feels alittle more comfortable with her.


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