Iron Fist Sea

The sea of Imperious.
To rule with an iron fist. (idiom) To rule with absolute authority or to the detriment of the people. To rule tyrannically. The iron fist sea was once the the properity of many different pirate fleets hailing from different areas and unlike pirates of opious they pledge themselves to no one.
Until in 68 A.F there was a massive change.
The military nation of Imperious took the city of Sao Lous.
This ment Imperious the land locked nation went to sea.
They had been fine soilders however being a merchant of death on land and one on sea was two different stories.
Imperious had many blunders when it first went to sea, losing many of it's captured ships finding itself able to be outnumbered with ease after this.
The soilders of the land locked nation made for poor sailors and worse captains.
With this they fought war on a side they were well familar with, production.
They planned to out produce the pirates after all the pirates were often sailing very old ships in various states of repair.
Imperious began to mass produce ships on massive ship yards inside Sao Lous, wile they looked for new captains experinced ones.
Among the they recruited the famious Captain Korsov.

With these new ships and new captains the pirates no longer found themselves fighting clumsy soilders of the land but a real fighting force with a variety of tatics.
What imperions aborhord on land, was a boon for them on the sea, diversity of tatics.

With this done Imperious took it upon themselves to police the seas seeing pirates as an enemy naval force.
The sea became one of the number one ways to travel for some years.

In the year of 89 AF almost 20 years since the orginal attack on Sao Lous by Imperious.
The Black Howl and pirates from all over the the seas attacked Sao Lous.
This put the city into chaos.
The sea however was a howling wind of raw unbridled lawlessness.

It was like the years before priates came from every quater.
Attacking ship, raiding for cargo and some times for crew.
The merchants stuck to the roads.

However this was all put to an end when Imperious made it's massive 'slaughter surge' on the ground.
They took towns for the solo purpose of having them produce more ships.
Once again Imperious decided to beat them by out producing them.

With the fleets of Barzon also attacking them this was a poor stratergy until fireheart began there counter attacks.
At first no one thought anything had changed, as no one was reciving reports on anything until people realized that there was no pirate attacks.

Fireheart unlike Korov (deceased) did not sing tales of her conquests.
She was Imperion breed for the sea and like an Imperion acted without remorse.
Not only did she brake the pirates but had people follow them to there bases in there damaged ships and them wiped them out.
When there was a power shift within the nation of Imperious and the six house became the fourth there were talks between General Sol'heme 4th house and General Solom 5th house.
It was decided they would give a joint force of the sea and there would no talk of boarder.
And they gave a new rank.
Sea Marshal.
Effectively General of the sea.
Sea Marshal Fireheart.
But the people of the iron fist sea had already given her a name.
"The greatest priate that never was."

To this day she does indeed rule the sea with an iron fist.
It is rumoured when a ship is taken down in her waters the captain is always saved to be taken to her, so she can kill them personally.

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